A Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

The city is gorgeous, (literally every way you turn you feel like you’re looking at a postcard) everything is super accessible, the food is delicious and the people are so warm and welcoming. And cheese is available basically everywhere. Basically, heaven!

When Graham booked in for a course in the Dutch city a few months ago I initially thought I’d have to miss out on the trip. But then, divine intervention stepped in (aka I quit my job and went freelance) and suddenly I could make my own schedule and was free to step foot in Holland for the very first time.

I had four days to explore and because the city is so easy to get around I didn’t make much of a plan beyond β€˜see it all’.

Over the course of the visit I took to the water, tried my hand at two-wheeled sightseeing and covered pretty much every other square inch on foot. We happened to be in town during an annual music festival which meant stumbling upon concerts on every other canal. It created a literal soundtrack for the trip which was so brilliant!

Some favourite memories:

1. Cruising along the canals.


2. Exploring winding roads and hidden alleys full of delightful tableaus.


^ The snoozing pup and the sweet old man tending the flowers on his balcony were too adorable for words!

3. Catching free concerts around every canal corner.


4. The view from above.


5. Discovering new favourite masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum.


7. Visiting the palace. (C’mon, did you really expect ME to skip a palace tour?!)


8. Running into Channing Tatum.


8. Enjoying the best donuts in Europe. (I may have gone back several times…)


9. Going ‘Dutch’ and seeing the city the way locals do.


10. Seeing my first ever old-school windmill in the wild.


Whether you’re staying for a day or a year there’s tons to love and to see and do around this floating city. Amsterdam – I’ll be back!


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