The Ivy Chelsea Garden

There’s no denying that Chelsea has hundreds of great places to grab a bite but if you’re looking for some prime people watching, you’ll want to book a table at The Ivy Chelsea Garden.

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (1)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (8)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (7)

Celebrating its 100th birthday this year, The Ivy has expanded from its original West Street venue in central London to include an entire ‘Ivy Collection’ of upmarket grills and brasseries across the city.

Having thoroughly enjoyed our recent brunch at The Ivy Soho Brasserie we were looking forward to the Chelsea experience, especially as the restaurant is renowned for having a gorgeous, blooming courtyard.

You know what they say about the best laid plans though…

The on/off torrential downpours earlier in the afternoon meant the courtyard wasn’t an option but it was hard to complain when the interior is this lovely…

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (6)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (4)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (5)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (3)

As Graham and I had both finished work early on Friday, we opted for an early dinner which meant we were surrounded by ladies who lunch, yummy mummies and millennials with generous parents (one table of 5 girls had over £10,000 worth of handbags between them which I can’t honestly believe they afforded on their own…)

Endlessly entertained by the conversations going on around us it took a while to be able to focus in on the menu which boasts ‘modern British dishes drawn from The Ivy’s own extensive menu’.

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (2)

We started with the salted sourdough bread, which is always a favourite! (Salt, bread and butter – what more could you want?!)

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (9)

For mains, Graham went for the Roast Salmon Fillet with a side of peas, sugar snaps and baby shoots and I opted for a combination of the Tempura Prawns and the Soft Goat’s Cheese Salad.

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (14)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (13)Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (12)

It’s always a sign of good ordering when you can barely fit all the food on the table!

Ivy Chelsea Garden - - 05.06 (11)

We happily ate, chatted and surreptitiously kept up with what was happening at the neighbouring tables and by the time we were done the rain had finally decided to call it a day.

Happily stuffed, we strolled back down the King’s Road towards Peter Jones for a browse and then caught a bus home. The perfect end to a busy week!

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