The Digital Detox – The Sequel

As you’ll have noticed by my (unusual) radio silence over the past nearly two weeks, I took my digital detox┬árather seriously and took the opportunity to completely disconnect for my trip home to Canada to celebrate my maternal grandmother’s 100(!!!)th birthday.

True, it helped that I consciously turned the data on my phone off to avoid extortionate roaming charges and so could only connect to wi-fi when it was available. But what initially started as a temporary turn off turned into a full-on hermit-style embracing of pre-app, pre-digital-addiction life.

I didn’t log on to promote last week’s blog posts (so I should probably mention that you can find them here and here. And reading the second one will help explain why I’ve suddenly become digital-adverse Old Lady Blonde on you) and instead trusted that they would promote themselves.

I took a picture of the sunset and the ones I love…and then put the phone away and enjoyed the moment rather than fretting over a filter.

I let the Tweeters tweet and the Instagrammers gram and didn’t care one little bit about the mounting emails.

And it was AMAZING.

I felt free. I felt lighter than ever and I was so incredibly happy to give 100% of my attention to the people I was with and the things I was doing.

When I returned to the UK I didn’t have the usual urge to switch on and dive in. Instead I sent off a quick note to the family to let them know we’d arrived back safely and then I plopped my phone down in the other room and didn’t look at it until Monday morning when I tentatively eased my way back into the digital sphere with some Hamilton sing-alonging.

Now, here we are a day later and already I’m not sleeping as well and I’m back to constantly worrying about the state of the world.

Though it’s near impossible to completely disconnect on a day to day basis I’m officially going to be looking for every spare second to put my phone away!

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