The BiG Friday Edit | 11

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What a week!

Though the news would have us believe that the mood in London right now is sombre and fearful I want to reassure you all that that couldn’t be further from the truth. What happened on Wednesday was awful but with the ensuing increased police presence it couldn’t feel safer or more united – I even spotted strangers not only speaking but also smiling at each other on the tube. SMILING! We’re Londoners; we keep calm and carry on.

My weekend plans include a pedicure and a yoga retreat. Relaxation and renewal, here I come!

In the meantime…

The Health Edit: After one class at 1Rebel I’m hooked and I’ve signed up for #RebelRehab – 10 classes in 10 days. Is this intentionally throwing myself in at the deep end? Yes. But I love a challenge! In the meantime I’ll be spending Sunday at an Urban Yoga Retreat. Though it will probably be no Mexico I’m still looking forward to what’s in store.

The Book Edit: Reader, I finished it. I can finally cross Jane Eyre off the list of classics I haven’t read…which is a relief in more ways than one. Apologies in advance to all those who love this book but what the actual eff? Rochester is completely psycho and the fact that Jane lets him walk all over her without question was really frustrating. I struggled to identify or empathise with her and I fully admit that I spent most of the book thinking ‘Lizzie Bennet wouldn’t let him get away with that’ and ‘Emma Woodhouse would call him on his crap right now’. Turns out I will never be a Bronte girl. #LongLiveAusten! I also finished Spark Joy – the follow-up to Marie Kondo’s internationally famous The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. I liked that this book addressed the gaps left in the original text and though I scoffed at some of the advice I’m still definitely feeling energised to do some (hopefully life changing) tidying this weekend! Prepare yourself, apartment – nothing is safe…

The Screen Edit: I watched the first two episodes of Big Little Lies and I’m a bit torn. The mystery angle is so well done and so intriguing – who died? Who killed them? What is Jane running from? – but I’m so uncomfortable with the Kidman/Skarsgard storyline! Though the second episode gave it some further context it’s still not sitting right with me. I’m interested enough in the overall plot to keep going but I’m hoping things improve for Nicole as things go forward. Also, is anyone else watching Ladies of London? I feel like this entire season every episode has been the same 4 conversations between the same people, which does not make for very stimulating reality entertainment. You just want them to move onΒ already!

The Beauty Edit: Thanks to Emma Watson’s Top Shelf interview on Into The Gloss I’ve been introduced to Content – a teensy tiny natural beauty store in Marylebone with tons of amazing products. I popped in last week for a massage and reflexology treatment (on amazing sale!) and could have happily spent hours reading the labels on everything in the shop. I’m already planning on returning (maybe document it for a blog post?) and not just because I’m hoping to run into Emma Watson (who I LOVE…maybe a post on her too? The ideas are flowing now!)

The Blog Edit: In case you missed it, we got Lost in Liberty and tried out a new natural face oil that’s been doing amazing things to my skin. This week I also unveiled a very modern and sleek design for the blog – what do you all think? I love that it puts the photography (my favourite bit) in focus and the minimalism makes me glow with happiness. I’ve also been really busy in my role as Chief Reporter over on Royal Central. You can get caught up to date with all of this week’s articles here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

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