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Considering skin is the largest organ in (on?) the human body I’m constantly amazed at how little attention people pay to it – especially the delicate skin on the face and neck. For instance, how many of you put sunscreen on your face this morning? How many of you take your makeup off every single night? How many of you use a moisturiser every day? I have a feeling that were we all in the same room and you could see each others raised hands you’d be surprised.

Though I was never overly concerned about makeup and beauty a chance ad in a magazine (so old school!) 10 years ago led me on the start of my skin care journey when I went to an event at Kiehl’s. I left that night with a cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser and a curiosity about a world I hadn’t paid much attention to up until that point.

Things have gotten a bit more…involved…in the years since and I think G would love to see me revert to that simple 3-step process (it would certainly clear up more counter space in the bathroom!) but the more I learn the more my appetite for testing new and different skin care products grows.

The new kid on the block these days? A custom face oil from The Buff.


What it is:

The Buff was started by wellness and beauty editor/writer Jasmine Garnsworthy who, in trying to find a cure for chronic acne issues, learned about the secret dark side of what’s in most skin care products. Determined to move to all clean products she started researching ingredients and learned about jojoba oil – the key ingredient in The Buff’s products – which is a true hero in nature. In less than two years The Buff has grown exponentially, expanding into body oils and personalized face oils* targeted to individual skin needs.

*For those of you with oily skin. Don’t panic! Oil actually draws out oil so one of the very best things you can use is oil…even if it seems very counterproductive.

How it works:

Each face or body serum is individually tailored based on whatever ails you – from acne to dryness, pigmentation, fine lines or scars. In addition to jojoba they use oils like tamanu, rosehip,raspberry seed and argan, blending a serum that’s bespoke for you and your skin. All you have to do is complete the online form on their site and your journey to clear, beautiful skin has begun.

How to use:

  •  After cleansing your skin in the evening (and toning, if you’re so inclined! We’ll save that debate for another day…) pour a dime-size amount (5p, UK folks) into the palm of your hand. Let it settle for a moment to warm to your body temperature.
  • Rub your palms together and then gently press the oil onto your face. I normally go: cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck.
  • After you’ve pressed it in, go back over the same areas using gentle, massaging strokes to evenly spread the oil.
  • Wash hands, go to bed and wake up radiant!

It really couldn’t be simpler and at only $36 USD for a 120ml bottle (BARGAIN!) clear, bright skin really is affordable and attainable for everyone.

The ingredients for the ‘LM Remix’:


I love the minimalist, clean, classic lines of the shape and label. They’re made even more beautiful by the fact that they’re personalised. I never knew I’d waited my whole life for monogrammed skin care until the opportunity presented itself!


As to whether or not I think it’s working? I’ve been using my customised oil for nearly a month and in addition to not having had a single breakout I’ve definitely seen a reduction in the appearance of old acne scars.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding…


Find out more and order your own customised oil here.

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