Springing into the New Season


Spring is springing up all around London town with cherry blossoms galore and weather that tricks you into thinking the cold, hard days of British winter might just be over.

With fresh air in abundance and the potential for sunshine G and I headed out of London and south towards the coast to spend the day with my friend Lucy and her BF around Brighton.

After our train journey from London, our guides picked us up and we headed to the lovely little village of Steyning to indulge in a spot of cream tea and some catching up before strapping on walking boots and trekking into the wilds.

The little village was about as picture-perfect as tiny British villages go and the walk to the tea shop was punctuated by me running back and forth across the streets to snap pictures of the gorgeous shops and homes.

After being greeted by The Queen and one of her trusty corgis we settled in to The Cobblestone Tea House and while some of us went the traditional route (tea or hot chocolate with a scone or cake) G opted for…a baked potato with sausage and beans. Because why not? The tea shop was adorable and even the flickering power outages didn’t take away from the warm feeling of being with friends around a table of good food with nothing but time ahead of us.


After tea we wandered through the tea shop’s back garden, which was filled with independent tradespeople selling their wares. With change burning a hole in my pocket I decided I wanted a memento and set my mind on a crystal of my own. (If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham it’s good enough for me!) There was a lot of choice and I ultimately went with ‘Balance’ as we can all use a bit more of that in life. I may have given the others a hearty laugh with my choice of purchase but I have not tripped or been sent into an emotional spiral since I bought it so I choose to believe in the power!

From Steyning we drove to Bamford Castle. Originally built in 1073 there isn’t much left to see beyond a rather large tower (which used to be part of the entry gate) but it’s a great spot to look over the landscape.

There was also a surprise swing which would have provided endless entertainment if we hadn’t had to get on our way.

With walking shoes on and backpacks full of provisions we headed out…into rather dense fog! It wasn’t the sunshine we hoped for but it added it’s own unique atmospheric touch and we happily ambled along the riverside for a few hours before returning to the car and going in search of a proper linner. (The appropriate terminology for a meal that is too late to be lunch but a bit too early to be dinner. #TheMoreYouKnow)

^ Unintentional action shot.

After arriving back at the car we drove to Shoreham airport, home to The Hummingbird restaurant and watched the fog begin to give way to sunshine while we filled up on the most random assortment of food you could imagine (Mac & Cheese, Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Fingers, Salad, Fries and what appeared to be all the coleslaw in the world. It’s only in writing this out that I realise this sounds like exactly what a child would eat if given free rein to decide dinner…) Sadly no pictures of this ‘feast’ as we all dove in straight away!

Thoroughly stuffed, we popped down the road to Shoreham by Sea for a walk by the water before heading for home.

Stuffed, tired and ready to laze about, G and I waved goodbye and caught a train back to London. A very full day out and exactly the spring outing the doctor ordered!


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