The BiG Friday Edit | 9

Blonde In Grey - Vienna 4 (9)

^ So ready for winter to be over. AS AM I.

Happy Friday!

Welcome to march! The month we welcome spring and celebrate two fun birthdays – mine and Blonde In Grey’s! (I can’t believe we’re a year and 160 or so posts into this adventure.) February was cold (so cold) and bleak (so bleak) and so I’m hoping that the weather will start to warm up so I can get out and enjoy this wonderful city of mine. This weekend I’m going to be checking out a cool new exhibit here in London and treating myself to some spa time.

In the meantime…

The Health Edit: As you might have seen over on my Instagram we tried indoor rock climbing (‘bouldering’) again this week and even though I bashed my knee I had an awesome time. It’s such a different type of workout and nowhere near as easy as you expect. Already making plans to go back next week…

The Book Edit: This week I finished The Thousandth Floor (LOVE and cannot wait for the sequel!) and finally finished GOOP Clean Beauty (which was on January’s book list…oops!). I love these kinds of health and beauty books but I’m so susceptible and now I find myself concerned about the ingredients in everything I eat/use on my skin and hair because my products are (apparently) hiding thousands of carcinogens which the unregulated beauty industry is allowed to sneak in without telling me. I’ll be over here…in a state of stress and panic…if you need me.

The Screen Edit: I’ve started watching the show Billions, which is kind of like Suits but they talk about the stock market instead of legal matters. It’s good so far!

The Blog Edit: I dunno, friends. February has been a really hard month for me when it comes to Blonde In Grey. With work and bad weather I haven’t been up to much which means there isn’t much to post about! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me – I’m hoping to get back up to speed in March.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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