The BiG Friday Edit | 8


Happy Friday!

Every day this week has felt like Friday but none of them have actually been Friday…until now! (Cue choir of angels singing). I don’t know if it’s the long hours or the cold days but the weeks are feeling a bit endless at the moment. Or is it just me?

To lead us all into the weekend I present to you the bouquet of flowers above and the bouquet of random thoughts below…

The Work Edit: This was a week of meetings being planned and then cancelled left, right and centre. Makes me think I should start putting things in my calendar in pencil rather than pen! But nice stationary and pens are one of the true joys in life so I’ll have to think of crossing things out and moving them around as a nice excuse to add more colour to the page. My particular favourite moment of the week was standing outside a restaurant in Mayfair yesterday (because the start time had been changed without me knowing) with Hurricane Doris giving me a completely new (unwanted) hairstyle I can only describe as ‘just watched Marty McFly zoom past as he came back from the future in the DeLorean’. You’ve never seen someone look more professional.

The Health Edit: Today was my last Barre class for a while and I definitely made it count! Definitely think I should take the whole weekend off as a reward…

The Shopping Edit: It was a great week for saving as I barely spent a cent! The only thing that slipped into my wardrobe was a deliciously soft sweater (in grey, naturally!) from Primark, of all places! I generally avoid Primani like the plague (So. Many. Tourists!) but I was in search of tights – they used to do these great ones lined in fleece for just £3 – and when I saw the sweater it was love at first touch. It was from the ‘loungewear’ section of the store but I am definitely wearing it to the office today. #YOLO

The Book Edit: The start of the week was marred by what bibliophiles refer to as a ‘Book Hangover’. Crooked Kingdom was SO GOOD and it completely enveloped me in the story world so suddenly starting fresh with new characters and a new story world was really difficult. I started and discarded two of the books on February’s book listBeautiful Ruins and The Sport of Kings, both of which were slow to start and hadn’t grabbed me by the second chapter – and it wasn’t until I picked up The Thousandth Floor that I finally found a worthy successor to Leigh Bardugo’s masterful duet. I’m halfway through and The Thousandth Floor is fabulous. The book is set in the future in New York where the skyline has been replaced by a single tower stretching 2.5 miles into the sky. Life at the top is vastly different from life below and the teenage cast are all harbouring secrets and fears. Each chapter is told from a different POV and it’s the first YA book in a long time that has truly kept me in suspense in terms of who might end up with whom. On this relationship chessboard there’s no such thing as illegal moves! I’m dying to see how it all turns out so think I’ll cosy up in my reading chair for a good chunk of the weekend.

The Screen Edit: This will probably come out of left field but this week I’ve been obsessed with watching CrossFit documentaries about the annual CrossFit Games and the main players in the CrossFit world. What these people can do is insane and awesome! The 2015 games documentary is on Netflix at the moment and you can watch the 2016 games on YouTube (its fascinating to see how people’s ability and skills change from one year to the next) – I’d highly recommend giving them a try. The other new show I’m loving (and definitely binge watched last Sunday is Riverdale. Set in the world of Archie and the gang it’s a completely modern take on one of the most beloved comic book worlds in existence. I grew up reading Archie Comics (always begging my parents to buy me the latest one every time we went through the supermarket checkout line) and though there are a LOT of differences between the tame comics and the dark re-imagining of it on screen I still love seeing Archie, Betty and Veronica brought to life.

The Blog Edit: This week I shared the waffle adventure I teased in last Friday’s BiG Edit and planned a perfect 48 hours in Copenhagen.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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