A Weekend in Copenhagen

Have you ever found your mind wandering to far off lands, making plans for what you’d see/do/eat and where you’d stay…even when there’s no indication you’ll be going anytime soon?

This happens to me ALL the time! I find myself imagining itineraries and adding things to my ‘must see’ lists (the mental one and the Pinterest one). Instead of letting these ideas linger in no man’s land I thought I’d get them down in writing and share them with you all. This way, when the right moment comes and we get the opportunity to jet off, we’ll be ready to go!

I’m starting with Copenhagen because it’s the coolest of the Scandi capitals and the one time I visited years ago has left me craving a return ever since.


Bordering the Baltic Sea and founded in the 10th century, Copenhagen has been Denmark’s capital city since the early 15th century and the centre of culture, economics, education, politics and defence since the 17th. Home to 2 million people it’s now the largest city in the country and the primary commercial centre. It’s the home of the Danish royals, the birthplace of the Little Mermaid, one of the bike capitals of the world and the perfect place to get your first taste of Scandinavian life or to re-acclimatise to it after a time away.

I’d plan to fly in after work on Friday and head home Sunday evening. While there…

Where I’d Stay:

There are tons of hotel options in Copenhagen as the city has undergone a steady period of growth and expansion in the tourism sector. As we’re only here for a short time I’d seek out someplace right along the canal (probably near Amalienborg Palace because you know I’m not going to miss out on possible royal sightings!). The canals are absolutely beautiful in Copenhagen and the idea of waking up to the gentle lap of the waves against the shore and a rainbow of homes and businesses along the water seems idyllic.

Save: Copenhagen Marriott Hotel – for views over the city and harbour

Splurge: Hotel D’Angleterre – full of 250 years worth of history and just around the corner from The Queen’s official residence


Where I’d Eat:

While in Copenhagen I’d make a point to sample all the Danish pastries I can (it’s only polite!) as well as the open-faced sandwiches the country is famous for. For traditional Danish cuisine I’d head to Nyhavns Færgekro, for pancakes La Galette, for a meal with a view I’d hit Alberto K and for even more pastries it would have to be La Glace.


What I’d See and Do:

I’d get up early on Saturday and head out to see the Little Mermaid statue – Denmark’s best-known monument, grabbing pastries for breakfast on the way.


From there I’d make my way to Rosenbord Slot (a palace) to see the crown jewels and learn more about Denmark’s rich royal history.

I’d then head to Amalienborg Slot at midday to try to catch The Queen at home and to watch the elaborate changing of the guards ceremony.

Lunch in Nyhavn would follow where I’d marvel at the colourful houses and catch a boat for a post-meal canal cruise.

Late-afternoon I’d find myself at Tivoli Gardens which has been heralded as ‘part amusement park, part cultural venue, part wonderland’. I’d spend the rest of the day riding the rollercoaster and exploring the world of Tivoli before making my way back to the hotel.

On Sunday I’d be up early again to join a bike tour of the city and see Copenhagen the way locals do. This would be followed by brunch (and more pastries, of course!)

From there I’d make my way to the islet of Slotsholmen to see Christianborgs Slot (there’s no such thing as too many palaces!) and to spend time at the National Museum before heading back to the hotel – via some of the local shops – and then on to the airport.

A busy couple of days but a wonderful taste of all that Copenhagen has to offer!

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