My Everyday Make-up


I always love hearing about what products my favourite bloggers, celebrities and public figures use so I thought I’d join the narrative and share my everyday makeup routine (and how saying goodbye to eyeliner opened my eyes in more ways than one)…

My morning routine hasn’t changed very much in the past decade other than to get faster as I figured out where I could cut corners while still emerging into the world with a face that wouldn’t make strangers cower in fear.

Up, shower, skin care regime (and it is a regime, folks. I acknowledge that and say it proudly!), breakfast, hair care and then finally makeup. I’m entirely self-taught when it comes to war paint and so it’s not surprising that I tend to favour a ‘less is more’ approach as this has always felt the most attainable and manageable.

No foundation as it always feels too cake-y and I like my skin to be able to breathe. No red lips because the statistics about how much lipstick women eat (unintentionally, of course!) over time is terrifying (this article does a nice investigation). No eyeshadow as it tends to flake causing potential blindness mid-day.

So, the staples of the process have long been:

  • BB Cream: BB stands for ‘blemish balm’ but it is so much more as it multitasks as moisturiser, sun protection, colour corrector and concealer with the added bonus of anti-aging properties. I’ve long been a devout user of Garnier BB Blur (I actually picked some up this morning because it was on sale. Score!) as it provides the perfect lightweight coverage, gently masking skin imperfections and giving a subtle healthy glow. It’s non-make-up, make-up!
  • Mascara: It’s amazing what a little bit of mascara can do to make you look more awake, more alert and more alluring! Though I do try to give my eyes a break by avoiding mascara on weekends (no matter how careful you are, the push and pull of the removal process is really hard on the delicate skin around the eye and though I don’t mind aging I’m not looking to speed up the process) it’s a necessity for facing the work day and colleagues with my head held high. I cycle through different ones because the pharmacy brands are often just as good as the department stores ones. If you’re looking to save I highly recommend this one, and if you’re looking to splurge you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Eyebrow Pencil or Wand: As someone who wasn’t unfortunately blessed with Cara Delevingne-worthy brows I’ve spent many an hour in front of the mirror faking my way to full, natural-looking eyebrows. I’ve tried virtually every product on the market and, in an effort to create a better starting place, experimented with wax (no thank you – also, I’d really like the skin you took with those few hairs back, please!), threading (nothing like walking out of Selfridges and along Oxford Street with tears running down your face and a red zone stretching across a third of your face because your skin is ‘sensitive’), tweezers (you quickly learn that ‘a little bit’ is always ‘too much’ when taking things into your own hands) and I’m now in a process of ‘focused growth’ as I take the advice of the brow guru herself and make peace with the state of  things as I will new hairs to appear and wonky ones to disappear. In the meantime I fill in the blanks and tame it all with this (you won’t find a better or more defined tool to create natural-looking brows) and this to keep my masterpiece from disappearing midday.
  • Blush: Though BB Cream does a great job of evening out skin tone it’s helpful to add a bit of colour to make you look A) alive, and B) vibrant. I’m no expert when it comes to application but, as with the rest of the routine, I’ve learned that less is more. Having tried every variation (liquid, cream, powder) I can’t say I have a specific favourite but this cult classic is the one currently in my make-up bag.

Four staples may not seem like a lot (especially in this age of contouring and 97 different make-up brushes for the face alone) but they suit me just fine.

The one thing that has changed in recent months is that I’ve almost entirely given up black eyeliner. After years and years of countless hours spent perfecting a cat eye (or at least how not look like I’ve been injured in a bar fight) I’ve found a quick, simple alternative. And it’s all thanks to Laura Mercier.

For those of you not familiar with the name, Laura Mercier is a brand of beauty products. In addition to having an excellent first name she also has these magical ‘caviar sticks‘. I use the Amethyst colour and I literally do one quick swipe along the lash line (from the inner corner of my eye out) and I’m done. It adds a tiny bit of shimmer, a whole lot of definition and it’s done literally faster than you can blink, which is brilliant! I save so much time, get a more natural look and have happily waved goodbye to black eyeliner except for the most fancy of occasions when I’m going all out with the make-up and getting ready is part of the party.

I probably end up spending more time on brows and mascara than most other people but I find the process quite therapeutic first thing in the morning which is exactly what you need before facing the inevitable hecticness of day-to-day life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and personal tips and tricks in the comments below and please do let me know if you’d like to see more beauty content on the blog!

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