The Best Pizza is Free

If you’ve been hanging around these here Blonde In Grey parts for any length of time you’ll know that I have a special love…for the delicious delight that is Pizza. (The capital ‘P’ is intentional.)

Last week I got a text from my friend Ella with four beautiful words:

‘Pizza Pilgrims coming – Shoreditch’

That’s right, the undisputed winner of ‘Best Pizza in London’ (according to my completely biased poll which can be found in detail here) is opening a new location that happens to be conveniently located for work adjacent hours of the day!

As I savoured the thought of many many pizzas in the near future a second text came through:

‘They are giving away free pizza’

Free?! Pizza?! COUNT. ME. IN!

For a limited time only Pizza Pilgrims was offering free slices (which are a quarter of a pizza in size) with only one requirement – you had to decorate one of their iconic pizza boxes.

Has there ever been an easier or more fun way to get access to free pizza? Plus there was an opportunity for artistic infamy as they planned on picking their favourite boxes to decorate the new location when it opens soon.

I headed out at lunchtime to stretch my artistic muscles and enjoy some tasty cheesy pizza.

^ This right here is the concentration stance of a true artiste!

With my masterpiece ready to be shared with the world I wished it luck, handed it over and gratefully tucked into free lunch.

I call it…’Abstract 2D’

^ From this….to this:

The pizza is half eaten because I was much more focused on eating than picture taking. #SorryNotSorry

A brilliant pop-up from Pizza Pilgrim that brightened the grey London day – and made me hungry for the official opening which can’t come soon enough!

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