The BiG Friday Edit | 5

Happy Friday and Happy February!

The days are (supposedly) getting longer and with the weather warming up here in London (not massively but enough to consider leaving the mittens at home) it’s starting to feel like spring is on its way.

It’s been a busy week and I’m counting down until the weekend officially begins so to distract myself (and you) in the meantime…

The Health Edit: I’ve always wanted to try out rock climbing and this weekend I’m finally getting my chance! There’s a rock climbing gym just down the road from where I live and I can’t wait to test it out having gone by it so many times. Michelle Obama-worth arms, here I come!

The Shopping Edit: It can be super beneficial to strategically wait an item out and I’ve been playing a long game with a pair of boots from Russell & Bromley for about 3 years now. They dropped by a significant amount in price and dropped again to less than half their original cost and it was finally time to strike…only to see that they were sold out. Turns out I wasn’t quite as clever as I thought. Here’s hoping they come back in stock before the sale ends!

The Book Edit: I travelled to the past this week with Hazel Gaynor’s The Girl Who Came Home which is a story about a woman who survived the Titanic disaster and her granddaughter. I’ve been fascinated by the Titanic for years (since Kate promised not to let go…while neglecting to offer Leo a spot on the damn door – THERE WAS ROOM FOR TWO!) and this story was a lovely read. Less lovely was Unrivalled by Alyson Noel. Now, I’m a girl who loves a book series – I find duets delightful, trilogies thrilling, quartets quality and septuplets scintillating (is that the right word?! Basically I just mean YAY HARRY POTTER!). The caveat here is that although I’m happy to see the wider arc revealed over the course of the stories, each story must have a satisfying ending in and of itself. Unrivalled does the complete opposite of this. The whole story builds in a whodunit mystery and the reader gets absolutely no hints or insight – the book just ends with a duhn duhn duuuuuuhn moment. WTH? I get that it’s meant to push you to buy and read the next book but it only turned me off.

The Screen Edit: The fourth season of Brooklyn 99 is finally on TV here in the UK and I’m now binging all the episodes I’ve missed so far. I can’t describe how I love this show – I LOL (we’re talking proper belly laughs that keep me giggling long after the moment of hilarity has passed) constantly. In our current climate of PANIC AND RAGE this is exactly the lighthearted reprieve I need.

The Blog Edit: This week I caught you up on the latest thrilling attraction in London and gave my tips for a perfect staycation. How many of you are going to test them out this weekend?

The Life Edit: G got an awesome promotion at work this week (YAY! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, YOU STAR!) so we’re headed out for a celebratory dinner tonight. Combined with our reservation at MASH for dinner with friends tomorrow night it’s looking to be a delicious weekend ahead.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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