Recipe for the Perfect Staycation

Don’t get me wrong – I love the excitement and anticipation of jetting off on a trip (long or short) but there’s definitely an argument to be made for staying close to home every once in a while.

I’ve become a bit of a master of the relaxation staycation because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having nowhere to be, nothing to do and nothing but time to do whatever the heck makes you happy. It’s also a lot easier on your bank account which we could all use at this time of year!

As a (self designated) expert I thought I’d share some of the key ingredients to enjoying a staycation – whether it’s for a week or a weekend – wherever you are in the world…

  1. The Clothes: this is the time for ultimate comfort, whatever that might look like to you. To me it’s a cosy PJ set and snuggly slippers. To you it might be a silk ball gown and stilettos. Potato/Potato! (I’m realising now that really only works when said out loud…) Do what makes you happy.
  1. The Entertainment: pull out that magazine from last April you haven’t quite gotten around to reading (just me?), reopen the book you got distracted from, cue up your favourite shows and movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime/etc. and settle in for some quality time enjoying the feeling of doing something just for you. There’s no rhyme or reason to this part of the equation so make it your own!
  1. The Recharge: naps and staycations are like peanut butter and jam – the perfect match. Take the opportunity to give in to the mid-afternoon slump for once in your life and shut your eyes to enjoy a catnap. Whether you doze for 15 minutes or sleep for 4 hours – it’s worth it!
  1. The Cosy: make ‘hygge’ your staycation motto and surround yourself with cosy blankets, soothing candles, warming drinks and rich treats. You can’t help but relax into the warmth and maybe even…return to ingredient number 3?
  1. The Eats: forget calorie counting – everyone knows vacation calories never count and staycation calories are just the same. Sweet or salty, you can’t go wrong!
  1. The Bliss: whether you’re enjoying quality ‘you’ time or spending your staycation with those you love (your family, your pet(s), your significant other, your friends) take the opportunity to switch off and be truly present in the moment. Step away from Snapchat, turn off Twitter, ignore Instagram and postpone your normal Pinterest pinning frenzy. They’ll all still be there when you get back from your staycation so give your brain and body a much needed break!

Enjoy your break!


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