The 5 Best Pizza Joints in London


Without a doubt, my favourite food is pizza. I love the cheesiness of it. I love the sauciness of it. And I especially love the bread-iness of it. Three simple elements that, when brought together, create a taste sensation that leaves basically anything else on earth in its dust.
You’re with me so far, right? We can all agree that pizza is the BEST ever? (Anyone who just muttered to themselves ‘It’s alright, I guess’…I’m sorry but you are now dead to me. You may go.)
Here’s where it gets controversial.
I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in a fair few slices of pizza within its natural habitat (aka Italy) but if you’re looking for the best pizza in the whole world? You actually need to come to London. (GASP! What? Did she just?!)
I did, indeed! I know it sounds crazy but the pizza gods have smiled upon the UK capital and the result is 5 of the tastiest, most delightful pizza places in existence. I’ve rounded them up for you below (in ranked order of preference, naturally) so sit back, prepare for the inevitable mouth-watering and enjoy!

1. Pizza Pilgrims 

The definition of the words BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD. What started as two brothers making a pizza promise and quitting their corporate jobs to pursue their pizza passion has become the ultimate benchmark in pizza – now with 4 permanent locations!
The brothers went on a literal pilgrimage through Italy (hence the name!) learning and perfecting each element along the way and returning to London with a perfected recipe. Their base of choice? Sourdough. (This is the most delicious part. I actually get sad when I see people who have left the crust behind as it’s a tragic waste!) Their menu? Focused – pizza pizza pizza. Their toppings? Minimal, in order to focus on delivering pizza in its purest, tastiest form.
You MUST go! (After you read the rest of this post, of course…)
Now, there will be people out there (you know who you are!) who argue that I’ve got my top two choices mixed up. There’s plenty of healthy debate in this town about who has the best pizza and sooner rather than later friends turn to enemies and family turn to strangers with just a few simple words – ‘X is better than X’ (insert ‘Pizza Pilgrims’ and ‘Franco Manca’ as you see fit).
Personally I’m all for giving all pizza a chance but Franco Manca comes in at a close second on my list for one simple reason – their bread is a bit doughier and heavier than Pizza Pilgrims. Delicious, of course! And if you’re in the mood for truly filling your belly with pizza than Franco Manca is the one for you. They have a shedload of locations around London but the original – the classic! – is in Brixton.
Pizza East pizza is cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven but there’s a crispness to the thin crust which suggests an entirely different preparation to what you find at the other options on this list. Effortlessly light and endlessly tasty there’s an unknown, magic element to this east and west favourite (despite the name I was actually first introduced to its Notting Hill location which is decidedly west, in my – and any map’s -opinion!)
With a wider menu than Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca there’s lots of tasty accompaniments to your pizza main if you’re so inclined.
I almost don’t want to tell you guys about this one! Tucked away down a quiet side street in the heart of Mayfair lies this little piece of heaven. Despite the name there’s a wide variety of tasty Italian dishes on offer but the pizza (alongside the excellent service, brilliant atmosphere and fact that I can always get a table!) keeps me coming back for more.
It’s traditional thin crust pizza at its best and the generous portions ensure you always leave full and happy.
If you’re in London and you’re really really hungry, Homeslice is the pizza place for you. Serving up 20-inch pizzas (whole, or by the slice if you want to mix and match your flavours) Homeslice began its existence with one mobile wood-fired oven which travelled to markets and festivals for 2 years before moving in to its permanent bricks and mortar location in London’s famous Neal’s Yard.
The menu is simple (pizza and booze) and tables are hard to come by as the relaxed restaurant plays host to an endless stream of pizza lovers determined to defeat the 20-inch pizza. Visit in summer and grab a table outside for some fabulous people watching!
Now it’s time to make your choice. Let me know if you go and how they rank!
….anyone else craving pizza as much as I am now?

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