The BiG Friday Edit | 3


Happy Friday!

We’ve made it, folks! We’ve officially passed Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year – and the sky gets a little bit brighter for a little bit longer with each passing day. I know January gets a bad rep (how could it not following a month of indulgence of every kind – gifts, food, family, fun…) but I have to say that this January has felt different.

I’ve been happily out and about on even the coldest days (probably something to do with all of the coats I’ve bought recently, but I digress) and my evenings have been spent having dinners with friends and catching up on all the latest on the small and big screens.

The fun continues this weekend with a Barre class and a mystery outing tomorrow (I’m keeping it a secret from G so you’ll have to wait for all the details to go up on the blog next week!) and a day of absolutely nothing but lounging and relaxing on Sunday. I can’t wait!

In the meantime…

The Work Edit: Lots of meetings this week meant lots of time travelling and getting to enjoy the glorious mid-day sun London has been treated to. On Wednesday I headed south of London for a meeting at Rolls-Royce and it was fascinating seeing the atelier where clients come and build their dream Rolls from the ground up. Turns out they don’t hand the cars out as parting gifts though which is such a shame.

The Health Edit: This week I’ve been embracing a life of luxury and foregoing barre classes in favour of sleeping longer in the mornings. #WorthIt

The Shopping Edit: I GOT MY HAMILTON TICKETS!!!! For those of you who don’t know – but, really, how could you not know?! – Hamilton is opening in London later this year and pre-sale tickets became available on Monday. After fretting for a month about whether or not I did actually sign up for the pre-sale I got the email with my code and breathed a MASSIVE sigh of relief. I was prepped, ready…and then promptly forgot the tickets were on sale at 11 and didn’t remember until almost 1. You have never seen a panic quite like it. I got tickets (good ones!) in the end but my delay means I will be waiting, oh, A YEAR AND A HALF to see the show. Lesson learned. Le sigh.

The Book Edit: I sped through Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern this week and it was as wonderful as I hoped. I’d seen the movie (LOVED it!) and so had high hopes and the book totally delivers. Out of curiosity – what do you prefer: reading the book first or seeing the movie first? I’ve had good experiences with both. With Harry Potter I loved reading the books (a thousand times) before seeing the movie because the movies were really well done. On the other hand, I preferred having seen the Lord of the Rings movies before reading the book (which was a struggle – soooo much Tom Bombadil). There’s no rhyme or reason, really.

The Screen Edit: I’ve started watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and it’s amazing for a number of reasons but primarily because it’s introduced me to Alexander Dreymon. (<- go to the link and then come back and thank me). Based on books by Bernard Cornwell the story is based on true events in the age of Vikings. If you like politics, history, Game of Thrones or hot men, this is for you!

The Blog Edit: It’s been a bit quiet this week (apologies!) but that just means there’s more time to marvel at the splendour of my Sketch post. Has there ever been a more eye-pleasing tea room? I think not!

Next week will be more dazzling, I promise.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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