Afternoon Tea at Sketch


There are few things more British than afternoon tea and in London there is no shortage of amazing places serving perfect pastries, scrumptious sandwiches and tasty teas to satisfy even the pickiest of connoisseurs.

When it comes to ambiance though (and the all-important Instagram-worthiness) there are few that can rival the institute that is Sketch.

Found just off of Regent Street, you step from the light into dark as you enter the hallowed halls of tea hall royalty.


Passing The Glade with its leafy palms and patterns a plenty you enter The Gallery.


The playful pink décor instantly warms and cheers you and it’s only as you’re escorted to your plush pink tea table that you realise there’s something a little…off…about the artwork adorning the blush-pink walls.


But in no time at all a menu is presented with a flourish and you’re too busy picking which delicious tea to indulge in to worry about anything else.


As always I went for Chai and the traditional afternoon tea and as we waited for the tea to arrive I enjoyed the feeling of life inside a pink marshmallow.


I also took the opportunity to grab a mirror selfie in London’s most famous bathroom.


Back at the table the tea treats arrived before we knew it and we chatted and laughed as we slowly made our way through the sandwiches and sweets.


The thing about afternoon tea is that it’s deceiving. At first glance you think ‘that doesn’t seem like much – we’ll be taking them up on the free refills in no time at all!’  Endless sips of tea, six sandwiches and two pastries later, it’s a different story as you find yourself easing further into the upholstery as the food coma begins to set in.

And then they bring out the scones.


Fresh from the oven with cream and jam these innocent looking, fluffy, delicious treats are suddenly your worst enemy because your pride won’t let you leave without consuming them but your stomach is about to go on strike.

Being the troopers that we are, we valiantly attempted to soldier on.


…though we didn’t get as far as we would have liked and that was before one of the beautiful, identically-clad waitresses arrived with a question we were not prepared to answer.

‘What cake would you like from the trolley?’

I can confidently say that the fear most likely showed in my eyes.

Knowing it would be a disaster I had to say thanks but no thanks and though my tea companion graciously accepted the offer she was eventually forced to concede defeat. Eventually we gathered the strength to roll back out on to Regent Street and walk off the after effects with some retail sale therapy. A perfect Sunday afternoon!


Every bite was delicious and the attentive, friendly staff was on hand from start to finish to cater to our every need, which was such a treat. If you’re in London I highly recommend booking in for tea at Sketch. It’s not your mother’s high tea and that makes it all the more unforgettable!

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