The BiG Friday Edit | 1

Happy Friday!


Before I head off to a quiet weekend of photo editing & blog writing (lots of Scottish goodness coming next week so look forward to more of the above!), catching up on sleep and maybe heading out for a London walk (she said, optimistically) I wanted to introduce you all to a fun new Blonde In Grey feature for 2017.

Welcome to the inaugural BiG Friday Edit – a weekly round-up to keep you up-to-date on all things Blonde In Grey.

Diving in…

The Work Edit: After a very quiet three days in the office last week it was a bit of a shock to the system to have everyone back in on Tuesday! It’s great to be getting on with new projects though and my calendar is filling up with exciting meetings over the next few weeks.

The Health Edit: After nearly two weeks off, my first few classes back at Barrecore have been a struggle but working out is one of those things you never regret after the fact so I’m pushing through and hoping my super strength kicks in sometime soon. I’m also embracing the good old January cliché of eating better. With the exception of the giant Franco Manca pizza I polished off last night while catching up with my BFF (#WorthIt), I’m on track!

The Shopping Edit: I was ecstatic to see that an Abercrombie coat (which I’ve been lusting over since I saw it in this Gal Meets Glam post – it’s the faux shearling one) was not only back in stock in my size but also ON SALE *cue euphoric angel choirs* and so snapped it up immediately.

The Book Edit: I finished Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin (which I first told you about here) and it was completely brilliant! Highly recommend it if you’re a fan of mysteries and crime thrillers.

The Screen Edit: Like everyone and their mother I was so excited for Sherlock to be back on TV after what feels like the longest break ever (a year is a very long time, people!) I ended up having mixed feelings about the premiere though. Without giving anything away, it felt like it lacked the same emotional and witty punch we’re used to from Benedict and Martin (we’re on a first name basis, naturally) so I’m hopeful things will pick up in the second episode.

The Blog Edit: I’ve been spending lots of time on Pinterest over the past week getting inspiration and tools to keep organised with Blonde In Grey this year. All good, but it’s also given me an excuse to procrastinate uploading my Scotland pictures – it’s terrible to keep you all in suspense about my Highland adventures so you have my apologies! I promise to get them all uploaded and blogged by the end of next week.

The Life Edit: The New Year has me thinking and planning 2017 and one of the things I want to focus on this year is achieving my financial goals such as spending less and saving/investing more. I’ve found lots of great online sources of information and guidance and, having drafted a plan, I’m looking forward to putting it into practice. (Don’t you fret; the coat I mentioned above is within budget so I haven’t already fallen off the bandwagon.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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