London Lights

London at Christmas is pure magic…


…especially when the sun sets!

It may not be the city that never sleeps (as you’ll well know if you’ve ever tried to grab a Starbucks after 8pm or pick up groceries on a Sunday morning…) but London really comes alive as the cold dark of night sets in.

Trimmed trees glow from residential windows and towering London monuments alike. Angels and stars flutter in the sky over beloved shopping meccas. Christmassy smells permeate the air. And carols serenade you at every turn.

In a word, it’s glorious!

I’ve been busy exploring the gorgeous decorations around town to share with you so grab a mince pie, cuddle up somewhere warm, hit ‘play’ on your favourite Christmas carol and enjoy!

St James and Regent’s Street:


Carnaby Street:


Savile Row and Bond Street:


Fortnum & Mason’s and Piccadilly:




Only 16 sleeps until Christmas!

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