A Day at Sandringham


It’s that time of year – the time when The Queen is getting ready to board a train at King’s Cross and make the journey to Norfolk to enjoy the holidays at Sandringham, her royal residence on the east coast of England.

Tucked away from the eyes of the public Sandringham is the place where the British royals retreat to, to toast the festive season, share handmade gifts and – if rumours are to be believed – change their clothes about 19 times a day.

Though it’s (obviously!) closed to the general public at the moment, if you’re patient and wait for the cold to abate you’ll have the opportunity to walk in The Queen’s footsteps and explore some of the rooms in the house and plenty of the pretty surrounding gardens.


Privately owned by the royal family there’s a real sense of the specialness of Sandringham. It’s also absolutely gorgeous!

It’s possible that this is my favourite royal residence – there’s just something about the design and the red brick that I can’t get enough of.

I mean, come on!


Though the tour of the house itself is quite short (literally only 5 rooms!) there’s a wide expanse of grounds and pebbled pathways to explore at your leisure.


Once you’ve managed to tear yourself away from the house make sure you venture over to the parish church of St Mary Magdalene. Famous amongst royal watchers, it’s known as THE place to see the royals out in full force when they make their annual visit to the church for the Christmas morning service.


Sandringham is a fun day out for fans of the royals, architecture, gardens and the great outdoors alike!

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