Making Plans for Christmas

This Christmas you’ll find me in one of my favourite places in the world…


That’s right…we’re spending Christmas in Edinburgh!


For 6 wonderful days this holiday season we’re heading up north to the land of cold and (hopefully!) snow.


Having so enjoyed the loose approach to plans we took on our California adventure this summer we’re taking an equally laid-back approach to this trip. (It helps that we’ve been to Edinburgh a few times before and have managed to see pretty much all of the major sights.)

We’ve rented a car which means we can take it day by day, heading up into the Highlands on the days with the best weather and visibility for some hiking and general exploring in the great outdoors…hopefully on a fresh blanket of snow!

Between now and then I’ll be busying burying my nose in my favourite travel guideΒ to suss out the best places to eat, shop and see.

Knowing that it’s going to be capital-c Cold while we’re there I’ve also already started planning the perfect winter wardrobe and let me tell you, there’s a whole lot of red, white and green!

I’ve got these classic Sorels to keep my feet warm and dry as well as these Hunters which pack so easily. I’ve also picked up this winter warmer from North Face to keep me toasty (and highly visible) which I’ll wear over my wide variety of winter sweaters including this one from Gap.

For keeping cosy while at the hotel I’ve got my eye onΒ theseΒ snuggly socks and a pair of fleecy pyjamas..or two!

I’m so looking forward to this trip. I’ll see you soon, Hamish!


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