Wednesday Wisdom – 16/11/2016

This week’s #WednesdayWisdom quote is about the power of ‘No’…


When it comes right down to it were all (hopefully) good people at heart. This means that we have a habit of agreeing to things – favours, social events, requests, etc. – or saying ‘maybe’ when what we actually feel is no desire whatsoever to do the thing we’ve left ourselves on the hook for.

I know I’m not the only one here guilty of getting a Facebook event invite and knowing immediately that I won’t be going but respond ‘Maybe’. We partially do this to avoid hurting the requestor’s feelings but also to avoid the social awkwardness of being the person that refused.

But shouldn’t we be able to live our lives without apology, seeking the opportunities we want and letting go of the ones that we don’t? Though I would never advocate hurting someone’s feelings on purpose I don’t see the harm in being open and honest and feeling free to say, ‘Actually (insert name here), I’m not going to be able to make it to (insert event here) because it’s just not for me.’

Don’t hedge, don’t avoid, don’t talk around things – be open with people and embrace the power of ‘No’. For the most part people are so inwardly focused that your ‘No’ won’t cause them nearly as much upset as you think. In fact they’ve probably moved on to the next thing before the conversation is done.

Remember: ‘No’ is an acceptable answer (and also a full sentence – don’t feel the need to fill the silence or qualify your ‘no’ because it’s more than enough as it is!)

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