In Search of Snowdogs…

Winter may be coming but a Saturday in Brighton with friends showed me summer isn’t done quite yet…


As you’ll know from this post, my good friend Lucy lives in Brighton and so two Saturdays ago my friend Tilda and I were up early and on a train towards the seaside for a day of adventuring.


We didn’t have much of a plan for the day beyond visiting The Lanes for some window shopping, walking Brighton Pier and taking a trip to the sky in the recently opened British Airways i360. Or, at least, I didn’t think we had anything else planned until Lucy informed us that we were on a hunt….for Snowdogs.

What is a ‘Snowdog’ you may ask yourself? (As I did…) Snowdog is a character from the 2012 animated film, The Snowman and The Snowdog, and he was chosen to be the foundation of a public art trail in Brighton and Hove. The sculpture trail features 45 Snowdog sculptures which have been decorated by artists and donated by local businesses.

Though we didn’t see all of them we managed to see quite a few in our wanderings!


We started our adventure in the ctys historic quarter – The Lanes – which has a maze of twisting alleyways and independent shops.


We made fake dog friends…


..and real dog friends!


^ This guy was one of my two favourites. I love the colours!

We then headed past Brighton Pavilion towards the waterfront.


^Tiny cheek sheep!

Passing the aquarium to find the Scuba Snowdog…


^My other favourite – love the goggles!

…we emerged on sunny Brighton Beach. The weather literally couldn’t have been more perfect – it felt like summer!


Passing by Officer Snowdog we headed out on to Brighton Pier.


We walked all the way to the end, taking it all in before heading inland in search of lunch.


^Matching sunnies because OBVIOUSLY.

Wandering along the beach we stopped for a very healthy, balanced lunch (aka we all ate a massive portion of fries) before finding more Snowdogs to befriend.


^This will be our album cover.

We then grabbed tickets to Brighton’s newest exciting attraction.


Built by the team behind the famous London Eye the i360 is…a sight to behold.

A ‘flight’ on the vertical cable car will take you 450 feet (138 metres) above Brighton and on a clear day you (and the rest of the 200 people the pod can hold) can see 26 miles into the distance.

The views over Brighton are great and with the gradual climb and descent it feels very safe. My only complaint is that with the rounded nature of the windows it’s difficult to get clear pictures without reflection or distortion. (Knowing me, you will know how this vexed me!)


As we started our descent the sun beautifully lit up the sky.


And as we walked back along the beach it only got prettier.


We finished off a great day with a cocktail and one last Snowdog sighting before hopping on the train back to London. Though none of us could move our legs the next day (So. Much. Walking!) it was well worth the effort and a really fun, unforgettable day out!


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