On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending the #WorldsCollideTour here in London which was a joint book event between YA authors Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo. And it was AWESOME!


The party started in line as (literally) hundreds of YA fans gathered outside St James’s Church, Piccadilly where the event was taking place. I met some lovely girls in the line who were old pros at these sorts of things and they took me under their wing, telling me where the best spots to sit would be and how the book signing after the talk would go.

We had to wait quite a while but we happily chatted away about our favourite Rainbow Rowell books (Attachments and Fangirl/Carry On—because, really, you can’t have one without the other—for me!) and Leigh Bardugo stories (I’ve only read the Grisha series but after this talk I desperately want to get my hands on Six of Crows and her new release, Crooked Kingdom).

Finally the line started to move and we were at the door. I already had all my books with me (the authors had very graciously said beforehand that they would sign any and all of their books you brought to the signing and would even personalise two of them each—SO sweet!) so I headed straight in to find a seat. I nabbed a centre aisle spot in the third row with a perfect view of the stage which was awesome!


It took a while for them to get all 400 attendees seated but finally they introduced the stars of the evenings. The reception the two authors got was akin to a rock concert as everyone went crazy!

The idea for the evening was that it would be the two authors (who have been friends for a long time) in conversation but it was so much better than that. They were hilarious with dry, witty banter and perfect comic timing. There were even Hamilton references!


They chatted openly about their friendship and their processes among other things and the piece de resistance was when they did dramatic readings from each other’s books. They each took a role and threw themselves into it, acting it out and bringing the characters to life in a truly unforgettable way. I could have happily watched them read the whole of both books that way!


Once the dramatics were through they opened up for questions from the floor. Being a book editor I asked how they felt about the revision process (they’re both fans of making the books the best they can be…even though it’s hugely painful at times) and managed to restrain myself from asking Rainbow the question she’s heard 100,000 times – what happens after the end of Eleanore & Park?!?

The hour long event was over way too soon but after only quite a bit of confusion I was in the line, ready and waiting to meet my heroes and get my books signed.

I chatted to Rainbow first and she was LOVELY! I flat out admitted I’m a massive fan and unabashedly put my large pile of books in front of her for signing. Though we had been strictly told that no more than two would get a personal dedication she was incredibly sweet and dedicated them all so I have a complete set of Rainbow Rowell books that are all made out to me and signed by the author—THIS IS THE STUFF OF DREAMS!!!


Knowing it would be rude to monopolize her I (begrudgingly) said goodbye and as I stepped away she said ‘Oh, Laura! Take a pin!’ (they had had pins made up for the tour). I know she had just signed my name multiple times so it was fresh in her head but in that moment we were best friends and my life was complete. J

Next up was Leigh who was incredibly warm and has truly awesome hair!


Happily carting away my signed copies I headed off into the night with a huge smile on my face and a lot of fabulous memories. Can we do it all again next week?

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