A Walk in the Wilds

When the wild calls, you answer!


Fall (or autumn, if one likes to be fancy….) is my favourite season and with the crisp, cool air and changing colours it’s the perfect time to get out into the countryside for a walk.

Last weekend my friend Ella and I – being the strong, independent ladies that we are – headed out just the two of us for a romantic Sunday stroll.

We hopped on the train to Haslemere which is less than an hour outside of London and embarked on this jaunty little 9 MILE trek we found on iFootpath. Considering it had been quite some time since we’d laced up our walking boots it was a bit…on the ambitious side but the sun was out, the temperature was perfect and we were feeling energised.

We set off from Haslemere rail station, passing through the quiet town.


From there we were on our way…


We wound our way over the rivers and through the woods, navigating some steady climbs and making friends with fellow adventurers along the way.


We eventually made our way to the The Devil’s Punch Bowl for a rest and refuel.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a large natural amphitheater near Hindhead, Surrey. Wikipedia has a bunch of theories on where the origin of the name came from but my personal favourite is:

‘The Devil hurled lumps of earth at the god Thor to annoy him. The hollow out of which he scooped the earth became the Punch Bowl.’

Regardless of its past, it’s a great spot to relax mid-hike with beautiful views.


(My trusty knapsack is this mini Kanken (in ‘UN Blue/Navy’) from Fjallraven and my water bottle is from Sweaty Betty – it’s like my fifth limb. I take it everywhere with me!)

Thoroughly revived we headed back into the woods where we met some prancing ponies…


After trekking around the far end of the Punch Bowl we were greeted with a sight we hadn’t expected – London!

(I swear it’s there….you just can’t really see it in this picture. You’ll have to take my word for it that the shard was visible!)


We began our descent, finally crossing paths with the friendly faces some of us (me) had hoped for since setting out.

Little Sebastian (and a friend)!






Tiny horse!


Continuing on our way we passed through a number of small villages and one final field – full of Oreo Cows!


I assume Oreo Cows is the correct technical term. I mean, look at them! 🙂

With a final burst of energy we made it back to Haslemere and to our final destination – The White Horse for a very well deserved dinner.

Displaying IMG_4117.JPGblonde-in-grey-a-walk-in-the-wilds-33

A fabulous day out!

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