Yoga Retreat in Mexico – Part Three

All good things must come to an end…


On the morning of the last full day in paradise I was (once again) up before the sun, maneuvering my way through the staircase labyrinth towards the beach and a view of the sunrise.


Our morning class was a relaxing, restorative session with Holly at the helm.


Looking sunburnt but strong after 6 days of 2 a day classes. 🙂


After a quick shower to cool down it was down to the beach to continue the relaxing vibe of the day.


Lunch was delicious as always and filled with laughter (and more than a little guacamole. Because there is no such thing as too much guacamole!)


Our final class was…slightly terrifying. We were told to lead ourselves through our own practice!

Thoroughly daunted I did my best to draw on everything we’d done over the course of the week but inevitably it turned into me going through the Moksha practice because it’s what my mind and body knew best at that time. (Holly was laughing at me because, having taught me in many of the classes, she knew exactly what I was doing even though I was attempting to make it look original.)


I took the opportunity to work on perfecting my Crow pose…and managed to get both feet off the ground and keep them up for multiple seconds at a time!


Of course the classic Tree pose made an appearance.


And I used the opportunity for one final headstand practice. (To this day I do this at home sometimes when I’m feeling stressed as it has a calming, clarifying impact on the mind.)


We also took the opportunity to thank Holly and Erin for organising the whole retreat and leading us through it all.


They loved it…


…which led to happy tears…


…but it all ended in smiles and hugs and we chit chatted before heading back to our rooms to get ready for the final dinner.


Our delicious last supper was held on the beach with beautiful views over the water.


And as the sun went down the party got started!


We finished it off sitting around the bonfire sharing our highlights of what had been an incredible week.


The sun refused to make an early morning appearance on our last day – clearly it was also unhappy about us leaving!


With a fond farewell to new friends the boats started to arrive and before we knew it we were on the water, watching Xinalani shrink into the distance.


We waved goodbye from the air and after a quick stopover in Chicago it was back to real life here in the UK.


An incredible adventure and one I’m eagerly anticipating doing again. Just need to round up the troops and decide where we should take our warrior poses to next!

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