Wednesday Wisdom – 12/10/2016

I’m jumping for joy – this is my 100th post on!

Blonde in Grey - An Eyeful of Eiffel (14)

I’m excited to mark this momentous occasion with my second #WednesdayWisdom quote. I had a LOT of feels about this one so have a read and see what you think. And please do share your thoughts in the comments below!

This week’s quote is:

I'd like to keep these in my phone to empower myself from time to time.:

Last week we were talking about the benefits of facing challenges and how when you find the confidence to do so you learn things about yourself you otherwise might not have ever known.

I thought this week’s quote an appropriate carry-on because it’s often when you overcome something that you start to really believe in yourself and this can shed light on the world around you. And sometimes? It’s not a pretty picture.

No matter what anyone says, you are worthwhile. You are valid. You are perfect as you are and so being surrounded by people who can not (or will not) see and accept all of the amazing qualities that make you, you is tough.

But this is an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to challenge yourself because we now know what a blessing a challenge is. We revel in the fears it can invoke and use it as fuel to push ourselves to bigger, better things!

So, when you find the people around you don’t see the worth that you see….do whatever it takes to say goodbye. To say goodbye to that friendship, to say goodbye to that relationship, to say goodbye to that workplace, to say goodbye to that school. Because when you say goodbye you have the chance to find the place where you can be you in all your wonderful glory.

Because you’re worth it!

(Find more words of wisdom on my Pinterest Board)

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