An Evening with The Londoner

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of my idols…and it was even better than I dreamed!


When I saw on Twitter that Pandora was holding an event with their Ambassador, Rosie Thomas (aka The Londoner) I emailed immediately to snag a spot. I couldn’t pass up the incredible opportunity to discuss blogging with an expert and to meet the woman who inspired me to start this very blog!

I arrived at Pandora’s flagship store on Oxford Street to find that it wasn’t just the discussion…there was also free drinks, manicures and makeovers on offer!


Though I’m not a drinker and I’d just touched up my makeup (wanted to look my best for my first official ‘blogger event’!) I was very happy to sit down and put myself in the hands of professionals from Jessica Nails.


With nails freshly polished I grabbed a spot at the front ready to listen to all of Rosie’s blogging wisdom.


In no time at all she was settling in, looking gorgeous as ever. There’s a reason she’s known as having the best hair in the blogging business!


The chat was led by Pandora’s VP of Marketing, Jo Glynn-Smith, and the two’s easy rapport had everyone laughing and listening intently in equal measure.


I’m still quite new in the blogging game so it was fascinating to hear the advice of someone who is five years in and who has done such incredible things with the platform she’s created.

What I loved the most was hearing about how her blog has connected her with people around the world and given her opportunities to meet people she otherwise would have never have met. So incredible and definitely something I aspire to.

Following the more formal discussion we all had a chance to chat with Rosie one on one and she couldn’t have been kinder to me, especially as I was quite clearly having a total fan-girl moment. We had a lovely chat and thanks to a fellow blogger it was all captured on camera!

Trying (and failing) to play it cool.


Serious blogging topics being discussed. Also, I NEED her boots.


Thank you, Pandora, for the amazing lighting in your event space!


Eventually I had to let Rosie talk to other people and so took the opportunity to chat with some of the other bloggers at the event. It was amazing to talk to other people who love blogging like I do and to learn about what kind of blogging they do.

I had an especially lovely chat with Lauren of Bin Bag Couture (left, below) and Kat from United Colours of Kat (right, below).


Smart, funny and insanely talented, it was fab to get to know my fellow UK bloggers and to share some laughs (and Londoner fan-girling).

With one more pic and a last longing look at Rosie’s amazing locks (#hairgoals) it was time to call it a night.


^(You could tell the bar staff were ready to head out, lol!)


The Pandora ladies had one more treat up their sleeves though and handed me this wonderful goody bag on the way out. The perfect end to a perfect night!


Thank you to Rosie and to Pandora for putting on this great event. I met wonderful people and had a truly amazing time. Let’s do it all again next week?

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