Yoga Retreat in Mexico – Part Two

Just hanging out in Mexico…as you do!


There are few experiences quite as calming and revitalising as falling asleep to the sound of the ocean’s waves and being woken up by the subtle glow of an approaching dawn.

On my third day in paradise, I decided to take advantage of the serenity and watch the sunrise from my own private beach.

Though we were tucked just far enough around the peninsula to not be able to see the sun itself pop over the horizon the kaleidoscope of colours melted across the sky.


I felt like the last person left on earth as I wandered through the sand to find the best lookout spot.


Eventually there was no denying the day had begun and I was due for our morning class and so I wandered back to the resort, which had come alive in my absence.


After a fabulous, unique practice in the Greenhouse and a quick shower I made my way to the dining room just ahead of the daily call for breakfast – courtesy of a strapping gent wielding a conch shell.




With the rest of the morning to do with as we pleased we all ended up migrating to the same place (this happened a lot – clearly we were having too much fun to be apart!)


There was a lot of relaxing but also a lot of impromptu yoga…it was a yoga retreat, after all!


A beach, a book and a place to sit. Perfection!


Group shot!


Holly (on the left) and Erin (on the right) – our gorgeous instructors who made this wonderful trip not only happen but be completely incredible. 🙂


After lunch I returned to my home away from home to escape the heat and have a little siesta.


One of the coolest aspects of Xinalani is that it’s all natural with minimal electricity – they full-out tell you to leave your hairdryer at home! They also ask that you not bring shampoos etc. and instead use the natural products they provide which makes perfect sense given that the shower water falls directly on the forest floor below.


Spending the week air-drying my hair and going make-up free was liberating and so amazing. It was a great habit to pick up and is now something I try to do a few times a week.

The view along my ‘window’.


Post-siesta I was feeling energized and ready for our afternoon class and so followed the well-worn (and well signed!) path to the jungle studio.


Holly and Erin left us lovely thoughts and quotes before the classes along with a handy list of what we’d need, all of which was stacked and waiting nearby.


Inversions were the name of the game for this day so there was a whole lot of head-standing, wall-climbing, human-jungle-gymming going on.


After a lot of practice in the sand down by the water Karen’s headstands were looking better than ever. Look at that strength and stability!


Post-practice we sat down to a delicious (as always) dinner full of fabulous food and deep belly laughs that kept us at the table long after the sun had set.


Take me back?!

More in next week’s Travel Throwback Thursday post!

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