Giants in San Francisco

On our first full day in San Francisco we awoke to very (very!) foggy conditions…


We started out from our hotel in Downtown SF with the intentions of doing the 49-Mile Drive to see the sights. The best laid plans and all that jazz…


In reality the drive wasn’t as easy to follow as the guidebook said and after the 29th wrong turn we abandoned the endeavour in favour of making up our own tour, starting with San Francisco’s most famous landmark.


I’m sad to say that this was the absolute best view I got of the bridge. The fog was really bad on the days we were in town and so I still have only ever seen the full bridge in pictures.

From the bridge we worked our way towards the world famous Pier 29 and Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch and ultimate touristing.


The Pier was as packed and kitsch as you’d expect but it was fun to see what was on offer before heading to the main event – the sea lions!


They were as noisy and moody as I’d hoped and it was so much fun watching them antagonize each other and quibble about little things like whose giant belly had first dibs on that particular spot.

This little guy claimed my heart but G made the very good point that he probably wouldn’t enjoy living in our bathtub. Le sigh.


From the seals we walked along the water taking in the views over Azkaban (I know it’s technically ‘Alcatraz’ but it was so much fun to annoy G by calling it Azkaban repeatedly).


Wandering along the waterfront we came to AT&T Park, home to the San Francisco Giants.

Now, I’m normally not much of a sports fan (to G’s constant dismay) but I actually really enjoy watching a baseball game live. It might be because I actually understand the game and can follow what’s happening or it might be because I love hot dogs and popcorn and nachos and ice cream, all of which are staples of any sports arena’s food offerings. Either way, I’m a fan and so G and I decided to see if there were any tickets available for later that day.

Thankfully there were so after a trip back to the hotel to load up on warm clothes (the chilly San Francisco breezes were quite a shock to the system after the warmth of everywhere else we’d been on the trip up until that point!) we put our ‘game faces’ on and headed to the ballpark.


We were a bit confused by the massive police presence though!


…but it all made sense when we got inside and found out it was actually Law Enforcement Appreciation Night.

After a wander around the stadium (for G to see the sights and me to scope out the best snacks) we settled into our seats behind the visiting team’s dugout.


The dozens of police motorcycles we’d seen outside made their way on to the field and before the game started there was a moving ceremony to honour fallen officers. There was an infectious feeling of patriotism that it was easy to get caught up in…even when you’re not actually American!


After standing for the National Anthem the game began and we sat back to enjoy.


It was actually a quite uneventful game with a final score that was too embarrassingly low to share but it was still a fun evening and I found my new favourite player – have you ever seen anyone look more like a real life Lord of the Rings dwarf?!


Is the beard real? Is it fake? We’ll never know!

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