Avenue of the Giants

At 5’2″ I’m used to looking up at the world, and now I’ve finally found the place that puts everyone in my shoes…


There are many beautiful destinations in Northern California but none quite so impressive, mysterious and awe-inspiring than the Avenue of the Giants.

This 31-mile drive found in Humboldt Redwoods State Park is part of Highway 101 and is the largest remaining home of ‘virgin’ redwoods in the world.

We arrived in late afternoon and took our time exploring.


With tons of spots to pull over, get out and wander through the trees, the Avenue of the Giants is a playground for people of every age.

Walking among the quiet giants is a humbling experience, making you aware of just how small (and young!) humans really are.


At the Visitor’s Centre you can see one of the giant beauties which has been marked with historic events allowing you to actually see how this one tree has lived and grown over the centuries – truly fascinating stuff!


Though there are a ton of people on the Avenue on any one day the wide range of lay-bys mean it’s easy to find a spot all to yourself and to feel like you’re the only person in the world.

And, being me, when you see a fallen tree you get the insatiable urge to climb up to a precarious perch to take the opportunity to do tree pose in its natural habitat.


Can you spot the blonde?


Though each of the trees in the Redwood Forest are pretty grand there are a few who have a special designation that singles them out.

The first is ‘Giant Tree’ which is, as they name hints, recognised as the  largest tree in the forest.


The other is Tall Tree…though, from the ground, it doesn’t appear taller than those around it so I’m hesitant to believe the signage!


It would be easy to spend an entire day wandering the forest – it has an otherworldly feel to it which is enhanced by the fact that the road winds around the trees and not the other way around. History holds power here and I like it!


Queen of the Forest!


Leaving the trees behind we found our way back to Highway 1 and headed south towards Mendocino – our home for the night.

Knowing my fondness for a good sunset it will be no surprise to hear that we stopped to enjoy the view.


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