Farewell to Napa

We (again) rose with the sun on our last day in Napa, determined to make the most of every minute before a long day of driving ahead…


Aware that it was probably our last chance to get a swim in on the trip we headed directly for the pool.

Thankfully we were the only early morning swimmers and had it to ourselves!


We immediately hopped in to enjoy our good luck and happily floated along as the sun rose overhead.


Before long though our stomachs started to grumble so we dried off and went back to the room to collect our things before checkout.

Waving a very fond farewell to Meadowood we vowed to return some day very soon.

For breakfast we went to Boon Fly Cafe.


I opted for the triple stack of griddle cakes (I’ve never met a carb I didn’t like!) while G went for the Breakfast Burrito. Both arrived piping hot and were delicious.


We didn’t have room for the notorious Boon Fly Donuts…so we got a dozen for the road. G ended up liking them more than I did  – they were tasty but they weren’t as good as Timbits! (For those of you who weren’t born or raised in Canada, find out more here)


As we headed out of Napa we stopped for a cheesy tourist photo-op and one last look at the vines.

(For anyone scratching their heads wondering why I haven’t posted anything about a visit to a vineyard, it’s because we didn’t go to one. I know it’s what Napa is famous for but as a non-drinker there just didn’t seem much point!)


Though we were still a bit stuffed from breakfast we had heard endless praise for the English muffins at Model Bakery and so decided to make a quick stop to see for ourselves.


…too bad it totally wasn’t worth it! The service was terrible and there was nothing all that special about the English muffin. Such a shame and a good lesson that you shouldn’t always believe the hype. Still, we gave it a chance.

Returning to the car we cranked up the tunes and set off on the road north, looking for giants…

(Find out more in tomorrow’s post!)

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