At Home in Napa

After our early morning flight we decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing and making the most of everything gorgeous Meadowood offered…


After changing into our swimsuits we decided to skip the chauffeured ride to the activities centre in favour of a leisurely stroll up and down the rolling hills of the resort.

We made our way past the croquet field and the tennis courts, savouring the the feel of the wind through the trees and the sun on our skin.


Arriving at the activity centre we found a yoga class was about to start so we said ‘why not’ and pulled up a mat – the beauty of going with the flow (literally and figuratively)!

After a relaxing class we were feeling refreshed and ready for some adventure so we borrowed two of the resort’s bikes, got a recommendation from the staff on which way to head and set off to explore the area around Meadowood.

…looking suitably snazzy, of course!


We pedaled and sweat our way through winding roads on what we were told was a ‘moderately’ difficult route but which felt like a trial in one of the seven circles of hell.

G kept kindly suggesting we consider heading back but my stubbornness meant that I couldn’t bring myself to turn back until we reached the goal – a quiet lake down the road.

After what was, at times, a literal uphill battle we arrived at our destination. It was certainly beautiful but not necessarily enough to erase the pain of the journey or the sad fact that we had to traverse the same journey back!


After a water and snack break we took a deep breath and set out back the way we came. Taking a ‘slow and steady’ approach we wound our way past quiet vineyards.


Dropping the bikes off we changed into swimsuits, grabbed ourselves some deck chairs and ordered a well-deserved afternoon snack.


Nachos with fresh guacamole and salsa with a side of freshly baked ice cream sandwiches. YUM!


Having actually done quite a lot on a day we were determined to do very little we happily settled into our loungers only occasionally popping into the pool to cool off.

The amazing staff looked after our every need with one even going so far as to come and adjust the umbrella over my head every few minutes to ensure my eyes were protected from the slowly moving sun – now that is service!

It was only once the sun was heading away for the night that we pulled ourselves back to our room to change for dinner.

On the recommendation of Gal Meets Glam we headed to Farmstead in St Helena for dinner.


With warm surroundings and a fantastic menu it was the perfect way to end a busy but amazing day.


After dinner we stopped to catch our breath and then took a leisurely drive through the Valley, stopping now and again to watch the sun cast the vines in a brilliant pink glow.


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