Welcome to Meadowood

Welcome! Please join me…in Heaven.

Welcome to Meadowood (11)

Deep in the heart of Napa Valley, tucked down an innocuous road lined with vines lays Meadowood Napa Valley. Settled among two-hundred-fifty private acres in the heart of Napa Valley, the estate is a premiere resort with a welcome so warm and a beauty so captivating you may just want to stay forever.

Your first interaction is with one of the lovely gents at the gate who greet you with a warm smile and directions to reception.

Winding through the quiet roads we passed pools, tennis courts, walking trails and cabins sitting calmly in the shade of the trees which sway with the gentlest of breezes.

Arriving at reception we were instantly welcomed and the helpful desk staff filled us in on all of the estate’s features. In no time at all we were checked in, back in the car and following one of the official Meadowood Mercedes SUVs to our cabin.


Welcome to Meadowood (1)Welcome to Meadowood (2)

Our home for the next two nights was to be Room 4, found deep in the heart of the estate with a view over the golf course and forest.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful hotel room entrance in your life?

Welcome to Meadowood (10)

Needless to say, I was in love before we’d even stepped inside…


…which meant I wasn’t prepared for the glory of the SUITE that awaited me.

The entrance hall

Welcome to Meadowood (6)

The sitting room with fireplace, TV and full bar service

Welcome to Meadowood (7)Welcome to Meadowood (8)

The sumptuous all-white bathroom with His and Hers sinks

Welcome to Meadowood (9)

And the calm, plush bedroom with cosy window seat for reading and planning how to make the most of Meadowood’s plethora of offerings.

Welcome to Meadowood (5)Welcome to Meadowood (4)Welcome to Meadowood (3)

Still full from our late lunch at The Fremont Diner we changed into workout gear and headed out into the wild on one of Meadowood’s four walking trails.

Welcome to Meadowood (12)

The views over Napa Valley were gorgeous and we could just make out the buildings of Meadowood dotted amongst the trees.

Welcome to Meadowood (13)Welcome to Meadowood (14)

Though it was late in the day the temperature was still high but Meadowood is the kind of place that thinks of everything – water stations littered the trail encouraging us to stop, refresh and enjoy the views.

Welcome to Meadowood (15)

Eager to cool down completely following our hike we grabbed our swimsuits and called for a ride down to the pool. (Because the resort grounds are so extensive you just have to call reception and a Mercedes will show up at your door to whisk you away to your destination. Amazing!)

Though the two pools had been packed when we passed them previously our late in the day arrival meant we had our pick of loungers and bodies of water.

The adult pool is set up for laps

Welcome to Meadowood (16)

So we opted for the kiddie pool – where we did handstands, somersaults and generally acted like the children we are at heart.

Splashing in the pristine blue water as the sun started to lower over the trees was pure perfection.

Welcome to Meadowood (17)Welcome to Meadowood (18)Welcome to Meadowood (19)

With our fingers pruning we finally pulled ourselves from the shallows to head back for a quick change and dinner.

A full but wonderful afternoon at one of the most glorious places I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying.

Welcome to Meadowood (20)Welcome to Meadowood (21)Welcome to Meadowood (22)Welcome to Meadowood (23)Welcome to Meadowood (24)

Home sweet home

Welcome to Meadowood (25)

After a long morning of driving and a very active afternoon and evening we called it an early night.

We had a wake up call coming well before dawn and we weren’t going to miss it – but more on that next time!

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