The Fremont Diner

I have the perfect road-side stop for you on the road to Napa…

The Fremont Diner (4)

When originally laying out the route for our trip we planned to go straight north, seeing everything in geographical order. We soon realised, however, that this would mean our entire last day in California would be spent in the car on the road south from the Avenue of the Giants to the San Francisco airport – not ideal!

To get around this we decided to bypass San Francisco and head straight from Big Sur to Napa Valley, winding our way back to spend the last few days of our trip in the city. With slow traffic through San Fran and across the Golden Gate Bridge we were getting rather hungry before we emerged into the sunshine north of the city.

Thankfully the perfect spot was just around the corner – The Fremont Diner.

The Fremont Diner (1)The Fremont Diner (2)The Fremont Diner (3)

We grabbed a table in the sun and ordered the cheesiest, carbiest things we could find on the menu – a raft of nachos for me and a giant burger for G.

The Fremont Diner (5)The Fremont Diner (15)

All washed down with the most delicious lemonade on the planet.

The Fremont Diner (10)The Fremont Diner (11)

We had the place almost entirely to ourselves, though we did need to make room for the locals who were a bit territorial.

The Fremont Diner (6)The Fremont Diner (7)The Fremont Diner (12)The Fremont Diner (13)

The service is excellent the food is tasty and the atmosphere is perfection. A not-to-be-missed stop when in the Napa area!

The Fremont Diner (8)The Fremont Diner (9)The Fremont Diner (14)The Fremont Diner (16)

2 thoughts on “The Fremont Diner

  1. You are right – this is a great place to stop! Great pictures, you really captured the essence of the place. Except I’ve rarely seen it that empty. We moved to Napa Valley two years ago and I kept driving by this place that looked not worth stopping at. “Diner,” said the sign. Finally I stopped with one of my kids and we ate there and fell in love. We live about 5 miles from Fremont Diner so it’s become weekend breakfast/brunch place almost every week. Next time you come to Napa, check out some of our favorite places described in our blog: Follow us if you like what you see.


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