She Sells Seashells…

On our last day in LA we headed west to explore the city’s coastal enclaves…


We were up bright and early to try and avoid the infamous LA traffic, with a stop by the Disney Concert Hall on the way west. Having read extensively about this architectural project and seen it in TV and movies I was desperate to see it with my own eyes. It’s truly a remarkable feat of design and when the sun hits it, even more beautiful!


Our next stop was breakfast – the most important meal of the day! G loves to read up on restaurants and so always has stellar recommendations and this tiny, rather non-descript spot was no exception. Located in Marina Del Rey, the friendly, family atmosphere of Cafe Buna was completely relaxing and the food was delicious. I highly recommend the waffles!


From Cafe Buna we headed just down the road to gorgeous Venice Beach. Having stopped in a few days earlier for dinner at C&O Trattoria I’d gotten a glimpse of the neighbourhood’s charm and I was looking forward to seeing more. From the beautiful beach to the charming boardwalk and the calm canals Venice Beach was completely relaxed and a real contrast to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood’s busy streets.


I was eagerly anticipating the Venice Beach canals and though the houses and bridges were lovely the drought has kind of laid waste to the few remaining waterways.


Still, it’s easy to imagine the area in its heyday and the blissful quiet as you stroll along the water’s edge is immensely enjoyable.


As the temperature quickly rose we sought cool shelter in the air conditioned car and headed onward to Santa Monica to see the world famous pier.


The beach was packed with holiday-goers creating a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour and noise, the perfect compliment to the frenzy of the Santa Monica Pier.


We wandered to the edge of the pier and back, taking it all in but skipping food (still too full from delicious breakfast) and rides (still too full from delicious breakfast) this time around. It just means we’ll have to return someday soon!


From Santa Monica we headed north to explore the hills and homes of Malibu.


The Malibu coastline is absolutely spectacular and I can see why people flock to snap up homes and holiday getaways in this area. With mountains at your back and the soothing sounds of the ocean ahead how can you not be cool as a cucumber at all times?

That’s not to say that Malibu doesn’t have its fair share of excitement though – it’s where we spotted our first seal of the trip! We quickly pulled over, ran (semi-safely) across the highway and watched the playful seal swimming along.


Once the seal had headed on his way we strolled along the beach a bit picking out our ideal vacation home.


Malibu was our first real taste of the beautiful coast to come and made me even more excited for the days ahead. We finished out the evening watching the surfers sail along the waves before arriving in Santa Barbara for dinner. A perfectly relaxed, wonderful day!


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