Sunset Over Hollywood

When in LA for the very first time there are a few things you just can’t miss…


We started our second day in Lala Land in the heart of all things movies – Hollywood Boulevard! One of the most famous streets in the world, Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame.


The stars along the Walk of Fame and the hand and footprints at TCL Chinese Theatre looked exactly like I thought they would – crowds and all! It was fun, on the one hand, to see them in person but as they looked exactly the same as they do on TV I wouldn’t put it high on your list of ‘must see’ attractions when visiting LA.

This guy, however, is worth driving by. Look at that smile!


Turns our getting your hands on an Oscar is easier than you think!


#Wisdom #Truth



Green Jelly-del.


No sign of Tom Cruise but it’s possible he’d just run out for donuts.


After spending most of the day winding our way through the heart of LA we headed to Griffith Park because we’d heard the Observatory was the perfect place to watch the sunset over the hills.

Turns out everyone and their mom had also heard this. After winding our way in a stop/start line of traffic to the top only to be told there was no parking we eventually found a spot and made our way to the hilltop.


The views over the city were wonderful and the Observatory itself is filled with amazing things to see and do.


We found a spot along the rails and watched the sun sink slowly over the Hollywood sign.


Once the sun had gone down we went inside to catch the planetarium show, the Tesla coils in action and a wealth of knowledge about the universe that surrounds us.


Emerging to the last of the sunlight the city was bathed in a gorgeous blue glow and, as promised, the warm hilltop was the perfect place to watch the moon come out and the city come alive with light and colour.


Blurry, but I’m happy to play second fiddle to a view like this!


Our relaxed evening at the Observatory was a real highlight of the trip. If you’re planning on going though make sure you get there extra early…or that you wear comfy walking shoes!



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