From Rodeo to the Hollywood Hills

On our first full day in LA I had a very special appointment that was not to be missed…


If, like me, you’re an avid reader of Into the Gloss or Violet Grey you’ll be familiar with the Streicher sisters – Kristie, Jenn and Ashley. (If not then what are you waiting for? Their articles will change your life!)

Each experts in their field, the Streicher sisters joined together to open Striiike, a gorgeous beauty studio in Beverly Hills. Being so close, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put my naturally quite sparse eyebrows in the legendary hands of Kristie – the inventor of the Feathered Brow.


Stepping into Striiike is to be instantly enveloped in a cool, calm beauty oasis. Everyone you meet is absolutely lovely and so friendly and they were more than happy for me to snap away as I failed to keep my fangirling in check.

There are few better ways to start your day than spending time being pampered and to do it in Beverly Hills is something rather special. Now, if only Kristie would make house calls to the UK…

After an a-brows-ing start to the day we headed to the most famous three blocks of shopping in the world to walk in the footsteps of the rich and famous.


And when in Beverly Hills you have to make a stop at…


Maxed out on glitz and glam we took a leisurely drive through Beverly Hills keeping a keen eye out for celebrities (Spotted: no one) passing an icon on the way…


…and getting our first glimpse of the dangers of California heat as a wildfire rages in the Hollywood Hills, just seen over the historic Chateau Marmont.


For dinner we went to Venice Beach for dinner at C&O Trattoria. G had been before on a few previous trips to LA and raved about the garlic bread rolls so there was no way we were going to miss it. And the garlic bread rolls? Unlimited, delicious and completely addictive. And I do mean unlimited! Every time the plate looked even near to being empty a jovial waiter would appear as if from nowhere with another scoop and it just seemed rude to not eat them. If you have any hope of enjoying the massive pasta you’ve ordered as a main though you’ll want to pace yourself!

Thoroughly stuffed and satisfied we rolled our way back to our DTLA hotel.

The following morning we were up bright and early to head to Runyon Canyon for a hike to see the sprawling LA landscape from above…too bad it was closed for maintenance until the following week!

We decided to head to another hiking spot, making a quick stop at a lookout on Mulholland Drive.


The Hollywood Bowl:


The Griffith Observatory:


The section of hills we think we saw on fire the day before:


Hazy LA views…with a bit of colour to brighten things up!


Having seen this sign so many times in TV and movies it was a bit surreal to see it in person!


Getting back into the car we realised it was almost 40 degrees Celsius (around 104 Fahrenheit) outside and agreed that taking a hike in that kind of heat wasn’t really the best idea. We still wanted to climb hills though so we decided to drive up Angeles Crest Highway 2 which runs through the Angeles National Forest.

We wound our way up the almost deserted road making frequent stops to see the shrinking city on the horizon.


G drove on the way up, patiently stopping every time I saw an angle I wanted to capture. I offered to drive on the way down, ostensibly to give him a break but really so I could have the opportunity to take the twists and turns as if I was Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 car. It took us half the time of the trip up to make the trip back down!

Heading back to the hotel we changed and then headed to The Grove for some retail therapy and dinner, passing my favourite bit of LA graffiti on the way.



(I promise I didn’t actually do this…)

An excellent first two days in LaLa Land!


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