Love, Laguna

After a full day in San Diego we headed north to Orange County and our home for the night – Laguna Beach.


As an avid fan of MTV’s ‘Laguna Beach’ reality show back in the early 2000’s I was excited to see the birthplace and former home of the gorgeous and multi-talented Lauren Conrad.

We stayed just off the beach at the incredible Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa.


From the moment you walk into the peaceful courtyard and are greeted by one of the kind, smiling staff members you instantly feel at ease and at home.


We headed straight to our room to get refreshed before dinner and as soon as the door opened I was in love. This is Instagram and decor heaven at its finest!


^ I need this mosaic floor in my life!

We had a lovely little balcony all to ourselves, close enough to see and hear the peaceful sounds of the Pacific Ocean lapping at the shore – the perfect place to start and end any day.


Thoroughly revived (and planning an apartment makeover in my mind) we hopped back in the car to head to dinner at The Cliff Restaurant. Their tables were full so we popped our name on the list and then wandered down the main road to a small park that offered amazing views of the setting sun.


I’ve never been so pleased to wait for a table before!

Once the sun was down we headed back towards the restaurant which is surrounded by a community of artists with shops offering all manner of individual and unique souvenirs.

As always, we made a few new friends along the way!


The atmosphere and food was lovely and with the sounds of a wedding from the lower deck providing a peaceful background we watched night settle over the coastline as we ate.


Back at our hotel we made our way through the courtyards to our room for a much needed rest.


We were up with the sun the next morning, eager to make the most of the daylight. First stop? The pool, which we were lucky enough to have all to ourselves.


You honestly couldn’t picture anything more peaceful!

Post-swim we had breakfast on the terrace,


…and I fell even more in love (how is that possible?) with Casa Laguna. I mean, come ON…


Has there ever been such a perfect colour palette? Have you ever seen so many gorgeous patterns mixed so expertly? I wish we could have stayed longer so I could have spent a whole day sitting and soaking this interior beauty in!

Unfortunately we had to head out for a very busy day of lazing on the beach but I will absolutely be heading back to Casa Laguna for a longer and more luxurious stay very soon. 🙂

We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway until we spotted a tiny, almost hidden sign advertising beach parking. We pulled into the last parking spot available and smiled at our good fortune as we rounded up our towels and beach paraphernalia and headed down a winding staircase to the hot sand below.


We picked out our future holiday homes and found the perfect spot to stretch out, savouring the relative calm of a quiet Monday morning in Laguna.


When the heat got a bit much we headed to the shoreline and I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was freezing but so awesome.


We wiled away several hours just lazing in the sunshine and enjoying the freedom of having no responsibilities, nowhere to be and nothing to do. It’s rare to be able to disconnect so completely from the world and I highly recommend it!

When the hunger pangs started to be a bit much we gathered our things and headed back to the car…but not before G revealed a little something he’d been working on while I snoozed.


We headed towards downtown Laguna passing by Laguna Surf and Sport – the scene of many Kristin/Stephen, Stephen/Lauren reality TV dramas.


We grabbed some ice cream and wandered through the picturesque downtown. (For those who are curious it was Cotton Candy and Rainbow Sherbert for me and Cookies & Cream and Reece’s Peanut Butter ice cream for G…and yes, those scoops are the size of a human fist!)


Having not quite filled up on ice cream we were looking for a light lunch and so popped into Watermarc with its laid-back atmosphere and incredibly friendly staff. We ordered fish tacos, goat’s cheese balls with honey & apple and tuna watermelon skewers to share. The cheese balls were life changing and I have never tasted another cheese quite so delicious…ever. If you’re in Laguna – heck, if you’re in California at all! – you NEED to go to Watermarc and taste them for yourselves. You will thank me, I promise!


Thoroughly satisfied we meandered back to the car and started the journey north to LA.

Laguna Beach was everything I hoped it would be and I can’t wait to visit again!

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