Auf wiedersehen Austria

This month’s Thursday Travel Throwback posts share a trip to Vienna G and I took a couple of Decembers ago to enjoy the Christmas markets.

Vienna in the sunshine could easily rival Paris or London for its beauty…

Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (13)

Our final morning in Vienna dawned bright, brisk and sunny and we set off early to meet up with a friend of mine from my MA days, who was living in Vienna.

After a leisurely breakfast at Cafe Demel we headed out to The Prater – Vienna’s most popular fun fair. We had hoped to take a ride on the Riesenrad Ferris Wheel which is over 100 years old but as the line wait was really long and we didn’t have a ton of time we had to pass. Still, we got to see it in action which was very cool!

Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (1)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (1)

From the Riesenrad we popped back to central Vienna for one last quick wander before grabbing our bags at the hotel and heading to the airport.

Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (14)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (15)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (16)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (17)

We managed to sneak in a quick tour of the famous Spanish Riding School at Hofburg Palace which dates back to 1572 and is home to the ‘Lipizzaner’ horses. The school (which still runs now) was formed in the 19th century and took on a more militant and less ceremonial role in 1894.

Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (18)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (19)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (20)Blonde In Grey - Vienna 6 (21)

Having seen all we could see we flew back to London with visions of Christmas markets and imperial architecture still dancing in our heads.

Vienna had never been very high on my travel list as I didn’t know very much about Austria but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would love to go back very soon. If you have any suggestions of what I might have missed please do share so I can make sure to catch them next time!

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