Sheep Trekking In the Brecon Beacons

Today’s #TravelThrowback is to that time in Wales when a sheep named Jay led me on a merry trek through the Brecon Beacons…


When my sister told me that there was such a thing as ‘Sheep Trekking’ and that it was happening just a few hours away from me in Wales G and I immediately set about booking a long weekend in the Brecon Beacons.

Having spent the first day of our Welsh adventure in Cardiff we headed north into some of the most spectacular countryside I’ve ever seen. The Brecon Beacons’ rolling hills and  phenomenal vistas are a photographer’s dream and a walker’s heaven. And if that walk is with a sheep by my side? Even better!

Offered by Good Day Out and the lovely family behind Aberhyddnant Farm a sheep trekking experience will see you led by your own individual sheep on a path through the lush, rolling landscape with the opportunity to make even more furry friends at every turn.

The tour groups are small – in fact, we lucked out and got a private trek! – and start at Aberhyddnant Farm where you meet your guides, a trained group of Jacob sheep.


Jester is on the left and Jay is on the right ^


After a fortifying snack we were ready to head out…


Though our guides weren’t always the most organised or enthusiastic…


…some gentle encouragement soon won them over and we became fast friends.


Our trek took us towards the Black Mountain with scenic views towards Pen y Fan.


I find sheep so cuddly and adorable – I tried to befriend them all!


I could very happily build a house here and spend the rest of my life wandering this gorgeous green landscape with Jay by my side. #TakeMeBack

The beauty of trekking with the owner is that you get to cross through private fields and meet the farm’s other animals. Having this group of horses come over to say hello with nothing in between us was a surreal and unforgettable experience. (I legitimately had a moment of feeling like Gandalf when Shadowfax comes running in slow motion towards him in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.)


Though Jay and Paint Pot (G’s sheep – so named because it looks like he dipped his nose in a pot of paint) weren’t fans of all this other animal attention and plotted how to get this show back on the road.


(Or they could have been plotting to off us…it’s hard to tell.)

So we said farewell to our horse friends and continued on back towards the farm.


The rest of the sheep were very happy to see us return because it meant it was feeding time for them.


Though some were a bit slow on the uptake…


We followed them out to the pasture to bid our farewells.


A truly magical afternoon and an experience I recommend highly to everyone I meet! We’ll definitely be going back, especially as they’ve introduced a new, longer trek.

See you on the hillside?

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