Ladurée Lady

There’s no end of sweet treats available in the shops and on the streets of Paris but there’s only one place to go for the most iconic of French delicacies…


Famous around the world, the story behind the Ladurée macaron began in the mid-twentieth century when Pierre Desfontaines had the idea to take two macaron shells and sandwich them around delicious ganache filling to create a portable, tasty sweet. To this day the recipe has not changed!

Though there are Ladurée shops dotted throughout the French capitol, for the most iconic experience you’ll want to head (along with all the other tourists – let’s be honest) to the one on the Champs Elysées.


There are both a bar and charming tea shop on site with some tempting options…


….but as the weather was so beautiful we decided to get our macarons to go. But first came the hard part – choosing!


Not to worry – if macarons aren’t your thing there are plenty of alternatives on offer:


Having heard that people can often wait in line for over an hour we were very happily surprised when we showed up around 8pm to be greeted by a line of only 15 or so people (most in couples and groups) and to wait less than 10 minutes to be served. And waiting is a pleasure when you’re perusing culinary masterpieces like these!


With purchase in hand we couldn’t resist a photo-op outside…though I worry the other guy was having more fun than me…


With one last look at the gorgeous exterior we continued down the avenue in search of a grassy place to enjoy our treats.


I loved the design on this box but what was inside was even better. A tasty way to end a busy day!


Watch out for the next #PostFromParis coming at you soon!

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