Galerie d’Anatomie

In the heart of Paris lies the most unlikely of sights…


After exploring every inch of the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution we wandered out into glorious sunlight – a welcome change from the rain clouds that had hung over us when we entered! Wandering down the tree-lined paths of the Jardin de Plantes we marveled at the beauty of Paris in the spring.


Tucked away at the end of the garden is a quiet brick building with a very long name – the Galeries d’anatomie compare et de paleontologie…or, as I like to call it, the bone parade. Thousands of bones fused together to form hundreds of creatures from around the world create a truly breath-taking sight.

It’s hard to actually put into words what seeing this feels like so you’ll have to forgive me for sharing more photos than insights today.


From the smallest creatures to the largest mammals every skeleton imaginable is on display.


Even humans make an appearance side by side with our closest skeletal relatives – the apes.


The first floor is awe-inspiring enough but make sure you climb the stairs…because that’s where you’ll find the dinosaurs!


A truly spectacular sight that demonstrates that though thousands of years have passed not a lot has changed when it comes to the bare bones of earth’s creatures great and small. Incredible!


More #PostsFromParis coming soon!

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