Grande Galerie de l’Evolution

The National History Museum in Paris might just be the most spectacular Museum I’ve ever visited…


Located in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris’s 5th arrondissement, the Natural History Museum is a collection of pavilions housing exhibits on anatomy, fossils, mineralogy, geology and (shudder) insects. You could easily spend a week exploring the various offerings but our time was limited so we focused in on the best the museum has to offer – the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution and the Galeries d’anatomie Compare et de Paleontologie (more on the Galeries d’anatomie in tomorrow’s post).

The Grande Galerie de l’Evolution is absolutely amazing and a truly unique, engaging space that brings history to life. FYI: most of the exhibit information is in French but it’s presented in a way that doesn’t need narration and can be enjoyed entirely with your eyes.


…before ascending the staircases to the central hall – the museum’s main showpiece.


Every creature imaginable is proudly displayed and so realistic they look as though they’ll come to life at any moment.


We wandered aimlessly, just taking it all in.


In addition to the central gallery there are offshoots displaying even more exotic creatures.


But we kept finding ourselves drawn back to the main event as the room changed colours, transforming before our eyes.


We weren’t the only ones checking it out from every angle!


We were there mid-afternoon on a rainy Saturday and still had plenty of room to roam. A fabulous place to hide away from the spring showers and one of my favourite parts of the trip.


Tomorrow I’m taking you into the bone yard. You won’t want to miss it!

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