Luxembourg Luxury

Paris in the sunshine is absolutely glorious…


Although the Luxembourg Gardens were on the list of things we wanted to see we almost missed out on one of my favourite parts of the trip. As we stood at the top of Tour Montparnasse (more details on Monday!) and looked towards the Seine we realized that the gardens were in the opposite direction to where we wanted to head next. Ultimately it was G who argued that we shouldn’t skip it..and he was so right!

The formal gardens are set around the Palais de Luxembourg and the broad walkways frame the central octagonal pond. It was the warmest day yet on our trip and as we sunk into the lounge chairs dotted around the pond a sense of total calm washed over me.


The sun’s warmth combined with the peace of watching the sailboats drift lazily across the water was so relaxing. It’s little surprise that more than a few people had dozed off!


^ Photo and cameo by G.


Kids ran around the water’s edge diverting their boats as they headed for disaster and sending them on their way back across the waves. But the high seas are treacherous and there is the occasional shipwreck…


(This particular vessel was charred to a crisp so in my over active imagination there was some sort of on board mutiny that resulted in one of the cannons misfiring, sending the entire thing up in flames. Though the sailors abandoned ship and eventually reached land they were irrevocably scarred from the experience.)

Though we could have stayed all day we eventually pulled ourselves out of the chairs. wandered around the pond and past the palace, taking in the spring blooms.


From the gardens we headed up the road to St-Sulpice.


Begun in 1646, the church took 134(!) years to build and the size and scale of it is just incredible.


Stepping inside, the noises of modern Paris melt away and you’re instantly transported back in time.


I love the inside of churches and though St-Sulpice isn’t overly ornate it has an understated elegance that’s lovely. Definitely worth a visit!



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