At the Opera…

Paris is beautiful in the rain but when you need respite there are few safe havens as gorgeous as the Opera National de Paris Garnier


As you might have seen on Instagram, G and I had a lovely holiday in Paris last week. Though I’m sad it’s come to an end I have tons of memories and photos that I’m so excited to share with you all over the next few weeks!

On our first full day in the city the weather was a tempestuous mix of rain and sun (switching between the two almost hourly) so we decided to take the opportunity to stay dry by exploring one of the world’s most beautiful buildings.

Originally designed for Napoleon III by Charles Garnier the Paris Opera was completed in 1875 and has been a star in the crown of Paris sights ever since. And it’s no secret why.Β From the moment you turn the corner and spot the visage in the distance you’re captivated…the sheer volume of photos here is evidence I sure was!


The hustle and bustle of the city fades away the moment you walk inside and as you make your way towards the central hall the beauty of the detail only grows.


But the truly jaw-dropping views start the moment you put a foot on the stairs…


Standing in the great hall it’s hard to know where to look. Every single inch is covered in elaborate detail, artistry and beauty!


It makes you want to drape yourself in jewels and a gown (or a top hat and tails, if you’re so inclined!) and grab a glass of bubbles to toast the opulence surrounding you.

And just when you think the view can’t get better….you enter the gallery. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!




I’m always in complete awe when I see beauty like this because it was all done by hand with absolutely no modern conveniences. The truest form of artistry. (Plus I can’t help but love any sort ofΒ over abundance of gold gilt when it comes to classical interiors!)


We finished off our visit by stepping inside the theater itself and now I’m desperate to return and to see a show in these incredible surroundings.


I’m formally reserving this chair right here!^


Whether you make it for a performance or just visit to take it all in, promise me you’ll put the Opera Garnier on your Paris ‘Must’ list! You can find it at the ‘Opera’ stop on the Metro.


Stay tuned for more #PostsFromParis over the next few weeks!

2 thoughts on “At the Opera…

  1. Laura , I love how you captured the beauty and grandeur of the opera house. Can’t wait for more pics from your week in Paris. I must return. 3 days was not enough.


    • Thanks, Brenda! I could have stayed there all day but (unfortunately for me!) they eventually ushered us out in order to prepare for a performance. You’ll definitely want to add this to the list! πŸ™‚


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