Shere Delight

A short train ride from London sits the definitive quaint English village…


The Holiday is one of my favourite Christmas movies and since it was released 2006 I’ve wanted to visit Kate Winslet’s adorable village. When a coworker told me that the movie was filmed in a village called ‘Shere’ and that it was just a short train ride from London I quickly rounded up my walking crew (G and my friend Ella) and set out to follow in Kate’s footsteps.


We started at The Dabbling Duck – the most adorable cafe you’ve ever seen – where we filled up on cream teas before beginning our explorations.


Fully fueled we wandered through the village before setting off on a walk through the countryside using this iFootpath guide. (Their guides are absolutely fantastic! The instructions are incredibly clear and easy to follow and include interesting facts. You can get them all for free online or you can download the app for a very small fee. It’s absolutely worth it though as the app shows you where you are on the walk.)


Fun fact: the church above was the church where Amy Andrews got married in the film The Wedding Date.


(I love the details on the chimneys!)


And then we entered the Shire and saw where Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin hid from the Ringwraiths…


As always seems to be the case, we managed to make new furry friends at every turn…


It was an absolutely beautiful day and the walk we took was lovely – it was appropriate for people of all ages (we saw both families and people our own age doing the same walk), passed some truly beautiful scenery and made for a fantastic, inexpensive day trip from London!


If you haven’t been to Shere I’d definitely recommend you add it to your list. And if you have any suggestions for other walks we should head out on please do let me know in the comments!

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