Much Ado About Munich

Originally a moated castle, the Residenz in Munich is the former residence of Bavarian kings that has been transformed over the years into an extensive complex and one of the main attractions of the city…

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This month’s Travel Throwback posts are dedicated to a Bavarian adventure in Munich I took late last summer. So, grab a bench in your favourite biergarten, order a pretzel the size of your head and enjoy the journey!

(And make sure you catch up with what’s happened so far here)

After a good night’s sleep we were eager to continue exploring Munich and so met our friends at the Residenz, armed ourselves with audio guides and headed inside…only to promptly lose each other! We knew we’d all end up in the same place eventually and it was kind of nice to all be able to take it at our own pace…because there’s quite a lot to see!

First up was the Antiquarium…the oldest room in the Residenz, an amazing feat of artistry and THE place to be if you, like me, like yourself a marble bust.

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From there I wandered through gold gilt heaven…

Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (5)Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (9)Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (15)Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (16)

…past titans come ashore…

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…and seahorse-themed dining sets (LOVE!)…

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..stopping to marvel at the way they used to preserve sacred bones…

Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (7)

…and tapestries which still look incredible hundreds of years after being made.

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Eventually I ended up in the elaborate state rooms.

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To me, the most interesting thing about the Residenz is that despite the fact it looks centuries old, the majority of it is barely 50. The Second World War had catastrophic consequences for the building and most of the upper floors were completely destroyed. Though there are beautiful frescoes and paintings in many of the rooms there are just as many with empty ceilings and walls where you’re left having to imagine what it used to look like.

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The tour eventually ends with rooms that sparkle with historical significance…in diamond form!

Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (17)Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (19)Blonde in Grey - Munich 2 (18)

Prepare yourself for a bit of disappointment though…they don’t sell them in the gift shop. 🙁

Make sure you check back in next Thursday to quench your  thirst after all this sight seeing at one of the world’s most famous beer halls!

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