Birthday Dinner with Friends

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (1)

After having feasted on breakfast at Duck & Waffle and achieved maximum zen at Cowshed Spa I spent the afternoon indulging in my love for the British royals watching the ITV documentary Our Queen at 90 and building the anticipation (and my other half’s frustration) by refusing to open my presents until after dinner.

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (14)

After a quick costume change I was ready to head out to dinner at Bocca di Lupo with three of my favourite people in the world – Mr Blonde in Grey and my good friends Lucy and Ella.

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (3)

After hugs hello we immediately got down to the important decisions…what to drink!

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (4)

I went for a birthday Bellini while my table mates shared a bottle of white.

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (5)

We chattered away happily as the food came out. The girls started as they meant to go on – with cheese! Everyone tucked into the buffalo mozzarella bocconcini before they brought out the mains. I went for the tagliatelle with ragu bolognese and it was DELICIOUS.

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (6)

The perfect meat to pasta ratio and a very generous serving size. I ate as much as I could, then Lucy and Ella each helped themselves before the plate ended up (as they usually do) in front of my other half who selflessly offered to ensure none of it went to waste. ­čśŤ

As Ella had been away on vacation and Lucy had attended a raucous bachelorette in Newcastle the weekend before there was no shortage of things to discuss as we happily ate our way through a good portion of the menu. When it came to dessert though we knew we needed to head across the street to Gelupo as we had heard rave reviews about their Gelato. As I was feeling thoroughly stuffed I shared two scoops of strawberry with the Mr while Lucy opted for ‘Bonet’ (chocolate/coffee/egg yolk/rum/caramel/amaretto) and though I can’t remember what Ella got I’m assuming it was minty!

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (10)

As it was my birthday I took the opportunity to get lots of new pics of me and my gorgeous girls.

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (8)Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (9)

And everyone indulged me as I forced them to endure an impromptu photo shoot (although there is only one picture below there were a lot of attempts…)

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (12)

(Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! I treated myself to a special Kate Spade birthday present which I originally mentioned in this post. I looooove it!)

Eventually though, the troops grew restless…

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (13)

…so we said farewell and headed for home – and presents!

Blonde in Grey - Birthday Pt. 2 (15)

I was spoiled rotten and ended the day feeling incredibly lucky to have had such a great day and such wonderful people in my life. Like I said – I love birthdays!

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