Making Friends

Where do you go in London to make the coolest friends? ZSL London Zoo!


And the first place you should go when you pass the gates? Penguin Beach – home of everyone’s favourite cold-weather friends.


It’s fantastic to see that they’re given so much room to roam and also to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the tiny tyrants (there were some seagulls who had the audacity to land on Penguin Beach and some of the penguins who took it upon themselves to act as bouncers and make sure they knew it’s a penguin-only area!). I mean, look at these cuties…


The next stop on our tour was a quick search for Nemo at the Aquarium


(Nailed it!) And then it was on to Meet the Monkeys


…though you have to watch your valuables around these cheeky little thieves!



From there we wandered Into Africa








…and ended up in my new favourite spot at London Zoo – In with the Lemurs. They are so adorable and though they didn’t sing (Watch Madagascar and thank me after) they were completely captivating.


I wanted to take one home with me but it turns out they frown on you helping the Lemurs into your bag. Who would have thought?

If you’re coming to London or if you live here and haven’t been you need to add London Zoo to your must-see list. Go early in the day to avoid the crowds (if you can do it mid-week, even better!) and you’ll probably get to see the animals more active then they will be in the afternoon and evening. And remember that the Zoo is open year-round – bundle up for a visit in October or November and you’ll have the whole place largely to yourself!

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