Dubrovnik Explorations

On the second day of our trip we woke up to beautiful sunshine and glorious heat.

Dubrovnik Explorations (7)

We always make a point to get an early start while on holiday because more often than not it means you have the major sights completely to yourself. After an amazing breakfast at our hotel we wandered over to the Old Town and headed for the Rector’s Palace. A combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles the building is gorgeous and we were virtually alone as we wandered from room to room.

Dubrovnik Explorations (1)Dubrovnik Explorations (2)Dubrovnik Explorations (3)

From there we headed next door to Dubrovnik’s Cathedral to marvel at the marble…

Dubrovnik Explorations (4)Dubrovnik Explorations (5)

It was mid-morning at this point and the heat was rising so we nipped back to the hotel to change and then hopped on the ferry to the nearby island of Lokrum in search of a few hours of down time.

Dubrovnik Explorations (6)Dubrovnik Explorations (13)

Where we greeted by an unexpected welcome committee:

Dubrovnik Explorations (8)

We wandered across the island looking for the best place to lay out and enjoy the sun. Though not the sandy beaches I imagined there was something really atmospheric about the rock beaches of the island.

Dubrovnik Explorations (9)Dubrovnik Explorations (10)Dubrovnik Explorations (12)

We settled in but in no time at all we had a persistent visitor…

Dubrovnik Explorations (11)

…who refused to go away and turned angry very quickly when he realized we weren’t going to give him any food. When yelling and brandishing a threatening flip-flop proved fruitless we admitted defeat and moved to a different spot. You win this round, Peacock!

As we had gone several hours without gelato we caught the ferry back to the Old Town to search out a snack.

Dubrovnik Explorations (14)Dubrovnik Explorations (15)

Suitably refreshed we went in search of the best view of Dubrovnik, which we found just a short cable car ride away.

Dubrovnik Explorations (16)Dubrovnik Explorations (17)

The view towards Dubrovnik and the sea was gorgeous, as was the view east towards the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dubrovnik Explorations (21)

We wandered away from the visitor centre along the hilltop looking for the perfect spot to get the best shot.

Dubrovnik Explorations (18)Dubrovnik Explorations (20)

And (as usual) I couldn’t resist a little moment of yoga before we watched the sky change colour along the horizon as the sun started to set.

Dubrovnik Explorations (19)Dubrovnik Explorations (22)

Before we knew it the wind had turned cold and it was time to head back down the mountain in search of the perfect dinner to cap off the perfect day. We found it at Poklisar where the fresh, delicious seafood is beautifully complimented by the views of the Old Port and I had the best Risotto I’ve ever tasted.

Dubrovnik Explorations (23)

Make sure you check back next Thursday to see the next chapter of our Dubrovnik adventure!

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